As of January 13th, 2015, Borgore released this astonishing and stimulating album to the public on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Let’s start off with ‘Dolphin Attack’. This is one of the many upbeat songs on this album. Borgore incorporated more of a festival feeling in this song, but also kept his original sound. This tune is definitely something that you’ll hear at upcoming festivals this year.

Dolpin Attack – Borgore & Dan Farber

Next, we have here ‘Lindsay Lohan’. This track is probably one of my favorite so far on this album, mainly because of the bassline. I have noticed this new type of sound from a few different artists. I enjoy it and I hope to hear more.

Lindsay Lohan – Borgore & Jauz

SPACE KITTENS!! This is what goes through my mind when I hear this song.


Space Kitten Invasion – Borgore & Sikdope

‘Blow your Mind’ is one of the very melodic and calm songs on this album, with some intense drops tossed in. If you have this song hooked up to an extremely bass heavy system, expect your house to shake.

Blow Your Mind – BLVKSTAR & Ookay ft Borgore

You can not squad with us! This song has probably gotten the most feedback judging from all of the buzz on Twitter.  It’s very similar to ‘Decisions’ with how catchy it is.

Cant Squad With Us – Borgore

If you enjoy female vocals in your tunes, ‘Set Free” is the song for you on this album. Yael has a very clean singing style, which can be refreshing to hear when listening to this whole album.

Set Free – Borgore Ft Yael

Take a listen to ‘D.A.R.E’, this song reminds me of being at TomorrowWorld all over again. It’s a track that gets me hyped up so much that I wanna jump up and down listening to it.

D.A.R.E – Borgore ft Diggi & Piros

Last but not least, a mash-up from Borgore, DOTcam & ShayGray. If you enjoy trap with a touch of dubstep, you are going to love this track.

Nope – Borgore & DOTcam ft ShayGray


What do you think about the album? Leave your comments in the comment section!

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