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Tomorrowland is a massive electronic dance music festival that takes place in Boom, Belgium, and is regarded by many ravers and electronic music fans as the mecca of all festivals. The festival hosts 180,000 attendees per year, and over the course of 2 weekends this past year, for their incredible 10th anniversary. It’s a festival in which you’re less likely to get tickets than you are to successfully get some… and I got a ticket this past summer. With pre-registration just starting and ticket sales about to start again somewhat soon, I thought I would share my experience as I have wanted to for some time, but never had the medium to release an article about it. Ohhh, Tomorrowland; it was expensive, it was exhausting, it was emotional, it was the time of my life and I would do it all over again. This is rather lengthy but I think you will all enjoy it. Here is my story.

The journey for this trip essentially started well over a year ago, many months before ticket sales or anything else. Last summer I decided that I wanted, scratch that, I NEEDED to go to Tomorrowland. I had dreamed of attending for a couple of years now and I thought, “Now is my chance, possibly my last chance, due to my very strict and demanding upcoming school schedule.” So, I started asking around to see if people wanted to go with me, of course many people wanted to go, but affordability and commitment to go were two huge issues. So, I asked my good friend Ian who is almost always willing to go to shows and festivals with me and he was absolutely willing. The best part is that he had a friend who also wanted to go which was great, we now had a group of 3 ready to take an adventure to Belgium. What made this interesting is I had never met Ian’s friend, Bryan, but I didn’t care. We were automatically friends because we were planning on taking the trip of a lifetime together. So, fast forward a few months and whole bunch of conversations about what if this or that happens. It is now January 13th 2014 and it is time to pre-register for Tomorrowland. It started at 6 AM EST and I was at work until midnight the night before but I didn’t care. So, I set my alarms and went to bed… and then, stupid me, I slept through all of them. I was so upset with myself because only the first 10 people from each country to register got early access to tickets, I couldn’t believe I had screwed up. It was okay though; this was just a minor step in the overall process. So, as I struggled with the site for about an hour due to the massive server overload, I finally got through and went back to bed.

Now, the real day of reckoning had arrived–ticket sales opened to the entire world. Remember Belgian citizens get early access to about 85,000 of the tickets for each weekend so that narrows our chances quite a bit already. Saturday, February 15th at 11 AM EST, is when the sale started. I was up hours before because I was so anxious. Ian, Bryan, and myself were on the phone making sure everything was set. We each had at least 2 laptops open. I even had my brother helping me. I thought, “This is it. It’s finally happening.” We knew our chances were pretty slim but we had to try anyway. We had an online digital clock open counting down the seconds until 11:00 exactly, 10,9,8,7,6,5…. and then finally, 1 second to go, we refreshed the page. So we waited, and waited, and waited some more until we got the message that we were in the online queue and NOT TO REFRESH! There was nothing we could do but sit back anxiously and wait. So 15 minutes goes by, and then a half hour… and then a full hour had passed with the same message posted on our screens. We were going insane (to make it worse Bryan had to leave for work)!

We also managed to find a Belgian blog that gave some tips and updates on the sale. They somehow managed to get through the queue a total of 6 times while giving updates stating, “This easy tent package is sold out”, or the dreaded message we read that weekend one had completely sold out an hour into the sale. So, we worried a bit but it was okay because weekend two was still available. At this point it was just Ian, my brother, and I pacing at our computers for another hour and then it happened. Two hours of waiting in the online queue we got the message “Both weekends are sold out, thank you.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading, we didn’t get tickets. At this time, I thought quickly and went and checked the Tomorrowland Twitter and something magical happened, they tweeted that Global Journey packages were still available even though the regular tickets had sold out. I honestly jumped and screamed into the phone for Ian to make up his mind if we should take advantage of this. There was no other option, we had to buy this package even though it’s not what we wanted.

Side note: the Global Journey package is a one time deal that provides your flight to and from Belgium, transportation to and from the airport, festival ticket, and access to the Dreamville camping ground.

Originally, we had planned to travel Europe before the festival instead of just going there for 4 days for the festival alone. But we didn’t care at this point–we couldn’t let the opportunity slip away. What made this even more difficult was that Bryan was at work and unavailable for contact so Ian and I were figuring out if we had enough money to buy his along with ours because it was pretty expensive (this bundle cost about $2,000 for everything). So we decided we can’t leave him behind and Ian bought Bryan a package as well. Then I went to check out and it was denied… I almost had a heart attack. My bank saw a foreign retailer trying to make a large purchase so they halted my card. In a frantic state, I called them and told them to authorize it (what made this frustrating is I called days before warning them this was going to be happening). After that small dilemma it went through.

The Global Journey package was purchased. I was going to Tomorrowland. I couldn’t even believe it, I was in shock, I called my mom in absolute excitement. Belgium, here we come for weekend one!

So fast forward few months, we had done tons of shopping for camping gear and what not. It is now time to leave for New York City because our flight to Belgium was departing from JFK airport. It’s Tuesday, July 15th and we’re off to Long Island for the night (Bryan is from Long Island so we crashed at his place and then drove to the airport the next day). That night we made a little list of who we wanted to see (which was tough because we all enjoyed slightly different styles of music). Another issue: the set time conflicts! Oh my, the set conflicts of this festival were heartbreaking at times, so we compromised and just said we’re going for the experience and to have fun together no matter who we’re seeing.

It’s now Wednesday, the 16th; our flight left around 5:45pm that night. We left for the airport several hours earlier just because it was advised and we weren’t taking any chances. So, as we pull up to the gate I couldn’t help but smile; the journey was about to begin. In only a few short hours, we would all be on our way to Belgium for the greatest festival ever. We started the bag check process and started to pick out other Tomorrowland attendees who would be on our flight; at first many people kept to themselves, but that would later change. We’re now just about to board–the excitement quickly builds at the gate, everyone is cheering as we enter the plane, and then the party starts. For 6 straight hours, we danced and drank on that plane all the way to Belgium.




This wasn’t met with much happiness as there were a number of people on the plane who were just normal travelers going to Belgium, sorry for party rocking I guess? (This was also surprising because we were told it would be a full party plane with Tomorrowland staff and it wasn’t). So, after a long crazy flight we were finally descending. I looked out the window to the right and there it is; the signature Tomorrowland symbol crop field. I didn’t realize it was coming up so, sadly, there is no picture. We made it, we had landed at Brussels airport!

It was now 6:30 AM Belgian time and I didn’t feel tired at all because I was so excited! We got through customs where we were met by a whole team of Tomorrowland workers, dressed in bright fancy clothes happily waiting to help us out. We waited in line to get our wristbands and little gift packages with sunglasses and a pass to Dreamville, got our bags, were escorted to the shuttle service (with a brief halt because I was recording with my GoPro in the airport which I guess is a big no-no…) and then we were off to Dreamville!

It was about a half hour drive to the gates of Dreamville since the driver got twisted around a bit but we finally had made it. We were standing outside the gates of Dreamville ready to camp and start our amazing weekend… well of course when the gates opened at11 AM–it was only 8 AM.

(The entrance to Dreamville)



(The market area after entering Dreamville)



So, Bryan and Ian went into the town nearby and grabbed a couple of snacks while I waited and realized how exhausted I was at this point. Then, they came back and it was time; the gates had opened and wow, it was like a stampede of crazy ravers wanting to get the best camp site. People were sprinting to the first available location while we were trotting along with heavy gear because we had to bring a tent, mattresses, and a ton of other things all in our bags. (I highly recommend the easy tent just for that reason, it was quite a pain having to bring all of that and we left most of it there). We ended up getting a very good spot right near the marketplace and entrance to the festival, a perk of getting to Dreamville so early, Green Zone baby!!

Dreamville is broken into many different colored zones and it spans back so far its unreal. Even from our zone which is the first available zone it was at least a 20 minute walk to the festival, if you were towards the back this could easily turn into 40 minutes. Setting up the tent was pretty chaotic; you had to claim a spot fast or it was gone, simple as that. It didn’t help that it was 90 degrees and we had no idea how to set this thing up–we were sweating bullets. After all was said and done, we decided to explore a bit because sitting around was no fun in this extreme heat. We walked toward “The Gathering” stage which is where the pre-party for the festival would be taking place that night. This stage and dance floor was massive for a one night use only. I was pleasantly surprised. Then we checked out the main market area in which you see right when you walk into Dreamville and it’s the path towards the festival grounds. Seriously, Dreamville alone is unbelievably massive. It has to be in order to hold the tens of thousands of campers for the festival.

We then found a nice big tented area that provided shade so we sat there for a while to cool off and ended up taking a much-needed nap. When we woke up we started talking to a group of 3 who came from Ireland. You know how people say the Irish can drink all day long? Yeah, I can attest to that. They were kind enough to keep buying us drinks so we sat in the shade all day while we talked and drank. We actually ended up losing Bryan halfway through the day which kind of sucked but he was a big boy and found his way back to the tent. Later that night, we went and got loose on the dance floor at The Gathering which was a great time. After that, we decided to get some rest in preparation for Day 1.

(The Gathering Stage)


(Our Irish & Dutch friends)


Belgium usually has a reputation for being on the chilly side with a lot of rain,  but not this weekend. We were woken up at 7:30 by blistering heat inside the tent, there was no escape or falling back asleep. You were up and couldn’t do anything about it. So, after this unpleasant awakening we decided to get breakfast and then go back to that shaded area for some much more needed rest as we had a long day ahead of us. First up was the man, the myth, the legend… Eric Prydz was opening the festival for a special 3 hour set at main stage, but first was the 15-20 minute walk to the festival gate. Once you left Dreamville, there was a nice boardwalk type area that guides you to the festival decorated with accessories and Tomorrowland signs. This was it–we were nearly there… and then we had to wait in a massively long security check line in the 90 degree heat. Once we got in, our excitement kicked into overdrive. Right away, off to the right, there was a wonderfully decorated stage, the “Trance Addict” stage for that day (my heaven). The main area is filled with food and drink vendors and tons of people just getting ready to enjoy a wonderful day of music. As we walked around that area, we took a left and started seeing signs for the main stage… we know it’s close and the excitement builds even more and then, we see it. The unbelievably massive, beautiful, and elegant Tomorrowland main stage. I just stood there in absolute awe for several seconds as we stood atop the hill looking down on all the people dancing to Prydz’s great house beats.

(The entrance to Tomorrowland and then the first time we saw main stage)


We just had to stop and take it all in for a moment; we were here, we made it, we’re at Tomorrowland and ready to dance all day. So after jamming out to Prydz for a while we walked all the way back to the Dim Mak stage to catch The Chainsmokers for a bit and they rocked it. While walking towards the back of the festival grounds where this stage was located we just absorbed as much as we could, so many excited people and uniquely crafted walkways, bridges, and shrubbery. Everything was so detailed and intricate, it was just astonishing. After that, we headed back to main stage to see the tail end of Dirty South’s set and then something happened. I was just relaxing taking a break from dancing sitting on the hill and then he played “Your Heart” and the biggest smile came across my face and chills just went down my spine. It was just one of those moments you couldn’t explain. Honestly, the rest of day 1 was somewhat of a struggle due to the extreme heat but we made the best of it and saw some other great artists such as Andrew Rayel, Skrillex, Menno De Jong, Dillon Francis, and then I finished the night seeing Max Graham go b2b with Protoculture which was one of my favorite sets from the weekend. It was a really awesome sight walking past main stage at night when Armin was on while I was en route to Max, seeing the lights and everything from a distance is a great but different perspective. When I got to Max there was a very small crowd, probably only about 35-50 people realistically as most were at main stage for Armin. I liked this though as it gave an intimate feel to the set and we had plenty of room to dance. I actually went to this set alone as well because my friends aren’t familiar with Max and I really didn’t mind. That was the end of day 1 of the madness, it was about 1:30 by the time we got back to the tent for some much-needed sleep to prep for day 2. Sadly, the same thing happened as the day before and we were woken up early by the intense heat.

(I caught this sequence of pictures walking past main stage as Armin was on; the last one is Max b2b Protoculture)





So, now it was time for Day 2 to begin! We started this day by seeing Deorro tear up main stage with his signature bounce style. We then wandered around catching a glimpse of the rest of the stages and every single one was just mind-boggling with great sound quality, amazing decoration, and no lights were spared anywhere throughout the festival grounds. Our plan was to see Audien but he had issues with his flight and his set was delayed until later in the day which of course interfered with other set times that we had in mind.

Day 2 then continued to go downhill a bit as I ended up with a minor case of food poisoning (I knew those eggs tasted funky) and then the notorious Belgian rain started to come down. At this point we decided to head back to main stage to see part of New World Punx and get ready for Kaskade. Ian and Bryan had forgotten their rain jackets so they went back to the tent quickly which is when the absolute worst happened. I was just hanging around main stage in the rain dancing without a worry recording with my GoPro. I then put it away as I was done recording for now. Then Kaskade came on and I wanted to film so I reached in for the GoPro… and I felt nothing. Someone had stolen my GoPro right out of my Camelbak as it was on my back.

Sadly, this was a fairly common occurrence as many people posted on a Facebook page about stolen wallets, phones, etc. I find it unbelievable that at a place where positivity and happiness is promoted people would do that. Even at this point, only half way through day 2, I had over 100 pictures and at least an hour of video that I was so excited to watch once we returned to the states. I was upset for a bit and then thought, you know what–I’m in Belgium; I’m going to make the best of this situation. So, we went and got some Belgian beer; mmmm, beer is so good there, and had a great rest of the night!


We danced the night away to some Alesso where he played “Heroes” for the first time ever which I thought was pretty cool, and then absolutely lost our minds during Knife Party’s set. Hands down, my favorite set of the weekend. I really don’t think I’ve ever danced so hard! It was raining but we just didn’t care; we were having a blast. Walking around that night just felt great, possibly from the few beers, but the vibe of the festival and everyone around us was just top-notch. As we left the “Super You & Me” stage (AKA the “Opera Stage”) after Knife Party, Pretty Lights took the stage and as we looked back we realized why he’s called Pretty Lights. Oh my goodness, those lasers pierced my soul. We finished night 2 at main stage getting basic to Hardwell b2b Tiesto which was honestly really fun. I even face-timed my good friend Magen and gave her a little preview of what she was missing… she might have been a little jealous. So far, all of the unfortunate events that unfolded on this day, me getting a minor stomach bug, the rain, Audien’s set being moved as I was really looking forward to it, and my GoPro being stolen, we still managed to have an awesome night. It just goes to show how much the music means to me and how it helps me make the best of the tough days. At this point, I was still kind of in a state of shock that I was even there. At the end of day 2, it still hadn’t really fully hit me of where I was and what I was experiencing, but that would change come day 3, our final chance to go nuts.

We once again repeated the cycle of being woken up by the crazy heat, grabbing breakfast and then taking another nap under the big shaded tent area. Man, festivals are tiring, especially with the jet lag and a total of maybe 12 hours sleep over the course of 3 days. We decided we should probably bathe this morning since we didn’t for the past several days. The lines for the shower could be rather lengthy in the morning and we didn’t feel like paying as it was somewhat costly. A shower was 1 ½ tokens which is 3 euro, so about 4-5 USD to shower. We didn’t think it was worth it because food and drink was also pretty costly, mainly, that yummy Belgian beer. So we ended up filling water bottles and getting a bar of soap and just dumped it over our heads and then chaos broke out. Ian and Bryan ended up talking to a group of Germans who decided to surprise me and dump a massive bucket of the coldest water on me. It was game on. For the next 10 minutes, the whole wash station became a huge water fight, everyone was throwing water around at each other no matter who it was. A strange way to break the ice and make a couple new friends, I guess–but hey, it’s Tomorrowland after all.

For Day 3, we all agreed we were just going to wander and catch a few random sets as there were only a few artists we really wanted to see, plus it was tiring trying to constantly plan where to be at exactly what times. It was time to just go with the flow for a bit which was nice. On this day, we started by seeing one of the legendary duos of trance at the “Legends of Trance” stage, Cosmic Gate, who were simply fantastic.

(Little side note, there were 15 stages and each day the name of every stage changed, example the Legends of Trance stage was the Dim Mak stage on Friday.)

You can check our interview with Cosmic Gate HERE.


We stuck around there a little longer as Markus Schulz was doing one of his famous marathon sets that day. After this we just wandered and got some lunch at one of the various food stands. There is a stand for just about any nation or culture you could think of and it’s all delicious, especially that felafel, WOW! We ended up at the “Lotto Arena,” the smallest stage of the festival which was floating in the middle of a lake. A DJ none of us have ever heard of, a small time guy from Spain, was playing and made the dance floor go absolutely wild. This was honestly one of the most fun moments of the entire trip, the crowd vibe was great, the song selection was on point as well. What made this stage especially fun was we all moved from one side to the other making this floating stage rock and sway like crazy. After that set finished, we wandered some more and found ourselves back at Markus for a while, and of course, he was making the crowd go absolutely mental dropping one massive track after another. Then I think we made the biggest mistake of the weekend and checked out W&W at main stage. It was just horrendous. The worst set I’ve ever heard without a doubt. I was open-minded about it at first and gave them a shot but they were extremely disappointing. On the plus side, we did meet some really cool Mexican and Dutch people. We had all agreed that the set was just terrible. The next set we caught was my man Steve Angello, and all of us were looking forward to him.

Read our interview with Markus Schulz HERE.

(Mexican & Dutch friends at main stage)



Before his set something really interesting happened; some people decided to decorate the hill-side of main stage of all the flags that were people were representing. There was a Swiss section, German, Belgian, Swedish, Mexican, American and many more. We naturally went to the American portion of the hill and ran into a couple familiar faces from our flight over. That is the real beauty of Tomorrowland; it doesn’t matter where you’re from, we are all here united together by our love for music. This proved true earlier in the weekend; we were chatting with an Israeli man and he said he didn’t care if he’s dancing with someone from Palestine, America, Germany, or wherever. He was just there to have fun, listen to music, and make new friends.


So, we went down to the dance floor with our new friends, Steve took the stage and did what he does best and had us going wild, even in the pouring rain. I remember taking a snapchat video when he played “Payback” and it was just downpouring. Unfortunately the power cut out for about 10 minutes in the middle of his world premiere of “Wasted Love,”–the downside of playing with electrical equipment during a storm.

At this point, we sadly realized there was only a few hours left until it was all over… and I still hadn’t fully comprehended what I was experiencing. We decided to indulge a bit this night and had a few more of those great Belgian beers to warm us up after being soaked in the rain for hours. We again finished the night at main stage starting with the end portion of David Guetta’s set. This wasn’t my top choice but I didn’t care at this point; I was there to have fun with my friends and have the experience of a life time. As his set was winding down it happened, it finally hit me.

I finally fully comprehended the intensity of the moment, where I was and what I was doing. I was at the main stage of Tomorrowland on the last night dancing harder than ever with 100,000 fellow ravers all there for the same reason–for the absolute love of this music, amazing vibes and fellowship from everyone around us in that crowd. I vividly remember being in the absolute smack dab middle of the floor looking up and seeing the unbelievable light show and fireworks, then looking around and seeing the absolute joy and smiles of everyone around me. Then Bryan looked over at me and for some reason he just asked me “Are you happy, Matt?” I just looked at him with tears in my eyes and said, “Bryan, I’ve honestly never been happier.” I was full on crying absolute tears of joy. The widest, almost painful, smile was labeled on my face and nothing was going to take it off. All I could do was hug Ian and Bryan as I knew they were feeling the same way. It wasn’t the music that made me cry (as Guetta was playing his usual generic top 10 banger set) it was just that moment. Being surrounded by thousands upon thousands of fellow ravers, scratch that; thousands of new friends. We were all in that moment together, after months and months of planning, this was why we were in Belgium. For that one moment of indescribable happiness. It was honestly a complete transcendental moment in my life that I will never forget. The best part was we still had over an hour of this to go.

At this point, Guetta had announced that Tomorrowland would be expanding to Brazil as there was a live feed of people viewing the festival from Rio De Janeiro which was really cool. Next up on stage was Steve Aoki followed by a brief set by the 3 Are Legend group, which comprised Aoki combined with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, I know so exciting… I had ignored who was on stage at this point and just kept enjoying the moment, the crowd, and most importantly my friends. But then once again there was a slight mishap. We had practically vowed to be together for the last song and closing portion of the festival, but sadly, this wasn’t the case. In the midst of trying to make a quick bathroom break on the side of main stage, we had lost sight of each other. (You basically had to do this as the nearest bathroom was on top of the hill which was packed with 60,000+ people, good luck getting past that. This also made the dance floor smell like absolute death. After days of rain and mud forming comboed with human waste and who knows what else the smell that was emitted from main stage was the worst thing to ever hit my nostrils.)

Bryan and Ian had somehow stayed together and I was now all alone with only about 40 minutes left in the festival. I was devastated at first, frantically searching and texting them with no success. Once again, Tomorrowland took my breath away. A group of people from Sweden and Australia saw me searching and asked what was going on and I told them I had lost my friends when one of them said, “Don’t worry man, we’re all your friends here, dance with us.” This just stunned me and I couldn’t help but tear up again. So for the last half hour of the festival I partied and danced the night away with a group of complete strangers who became friends in just an instant. The beauty of dance music simply never seizes to amaze me.

Then the end had finally come. 3 Are Legend finished their set, Steve had thrown his cakes, Like Mike had screamed into the microphone over and over and Dimitri Vegas hit play. It was now time for the Tomorrowland closing ceremony. A 10 minute incredible light show with fireworks all filled in by a masterpiece composition by none other than Hans Zimmer. The voice of Tomorrowland main stage told a story of how we made history and that the key to happiness is now in our possession. Unfortunately, I only got a very small portion on video as I was just top caught up in the moment to film. I genuinely barely remember most of the story because I was just so caught up and in utter disbelief that it was over.

I couldn’t believe it, months of planning, thousands of dollars spent, all the ups and downs of the trip leading to this final moment. We were all in shock, there was nothing to do except hug each other and offer words of grace of how thankful we were for the opportunity. My newfound friends and I then assembled for a picture and then said our goodbyes.


I then stood there alone on the floor of main stage as it began to clear out, I just kept uttering “I can’t leave yet, I just can’t.” Then the tears began again, and I was not alone in this as many others were feeling the same way. A mixture of sadness of it being over and sheer joy that it happened and we had the chance to experience it. After a few minutes I then got in contact with Bryan and Ian and we got together on the hill-top and just hugged. They couldn’t leave either so we just sat there for at least 15 minutes taking it all in one last time. The lights were illuminating the once packed dance floor and we just reminisced about the weekend for a brief moment. While this was going on hugs, high fives, and goodbyes were given to strangers walking by. A group of Germans had also assembled in the middle of the hill cheering and singing the lyrics to the old song “Hey! Baby.” We were all just yelling out “Hey, hey baby I wanna know, if you’ll be my girl Hey, hey baby I wanna know, if you’ll be my girl” over and over while doing a line kick like you’d see on Broadway. Then we decided it was finally time to leave and head back to Dreamville. Tears of mixed emotion were still sneaking their way out of my eyes as we walked toward the gates. We all looked back one last time to catch a final glimpse of main stage and said our final farewell.

 (Ian, Bryan, and myself atop the hill at main stage after the closing ceremony)IMG_2161
(The aftermath of it all…)

As we took our final walk back to Dreamville people were still singing and dancing as it was just a bittersweet symphony of exhausted ravers. The final approach to the Dreamville entrance was approaching and once we entered, it was like the excitement of day 1 had never ended. Dance circles were forming in the market area, people were buying food and souvenirs, everyone was making the end of something magical a happy moment. We decided to take one last stroll around Dreamville to see if our Irish friends had made it back yet to say goodbye, unfortunately we couldn’t find them. Then on our way back we heard some loud noise, hundreds of people had gathered at The Gathering stage and guess what they were singing? Yup, you guessed it ““Hey, hey baby I wanna know, if you’ll be my girl!” It was a full on silent rave, people dancing and singing like their favorite DJ had just played their favorite song. This lasted for a solid 20-30 minutes and then the final goodbyes were said once again. It was now time to get some rest because our shuttle for the airport left at 6:30 A.M. so we woke up at 5:30 to get everything packed. This is where I wish we had the easy tent, we ended up leaving our tent because it was way too much of a hassle to try to break it down in the dark early morning in a crowded area, plus we would have had to perfectly squeeze it back into its carrying case to fit into our bag. No thanks, you can keep it Tomorrowland.

So we were now very slowly walking to the shuttle bus absolutely exhausted carrying what felt like 1,000 pounds. We finally made it to the shuttle and it was finally time to head home. Once we made it to the airport and through security and all that fun stuff, we just collapsed. After looking through our phones of pictures and videos there was nothing we could do but smile and talk about what just happened these past 4 days. Our lives had been forever changed.

That’s where the Tomorrowland story ends; it was officially over.

After the great 7 hour flight cramped in the middle row and talking amongst the other attendees about how fascinating the experience was, we made it back to JFK airport. The global journey was officially over. I caught a flight back to Buffalo shortly after landing as I had to be home for some reason while Ian and Bryan drove back the next day. Upon arriving home I could barely walk due to my feet and ankles being so unbelievably swollen and sore. My mom, dad and brother met me at the airport and I hugged them; it was kind of nice to be home.

Going to Belgium for Tomorrowland still feels like it was a dream, something out of a fantasy world. Not a day goes by when I don’t at least give it a small thought about something that happened over those 4 days. The three of us decided we will without a doubt be returning to Tomorrowland in a few years, but honestly, a part of me will always be at the Belgian countryside. Just thinking about sitting on that hill listening to music and seeing everyone dance will always put a smile on my face. I sincerely hope all of you get to experience something like this in your life time. Something that makes you so genuinely, indescribably happy to be a part of. It’s not something I expect most people to understand unless they have that moment for themselves as I was the same way until that final night. I will always have a connection with those who were there with me, even if I’ve never met them beforehand. I could talk about this journey so much more and give you every detail but you simply wouldn’t understand it unless you went yourself, which I strongly encourage. So,whatever you do in life I really hope you get to experience that moment in time like I did, whatever it may be–chase it with everything you have as there isn’t a stronger feeling in the world. Dance safe everyone, I hope to see you on the dance floor sometime soon.

Just remember; Yesterday is history, Today is a gift, Tomorrow is mystery.

Watch this years after movie and check out some extra photos I’d like to share












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  • Matthew Burge

    This Just Makes Me Want To Go Even More I can’t wait for the day I can make this amazing journey

  • Matthew Burge

    This Just Makes Me Want To Go Even More I can’t wait for the day I can make this amazing journey

  • Shivam Bhardwaj

    I love Tomorrowland. You can know more about Tomorrowland 2016 on http://2016tomorrowland.com

  • Kyle Govender

    Mate, this is honestly the best blog I’ve read in a while. Myself and a few friends are planning a global journey to TL17 from Australia. If it’s anything like you’ve described then we’re in for a treat. Thanks for sharing your experience and will see you on the dance floor! Chur

  • martin s

    i finally got tickets for this year!! first 20 for my country! cant wait to go!