If you opened this article thinking “Who is Bear Grillz?”, good! A few months back, possibly November, when Rusko came to Buffalo Bear Grillz was one of the supporting acts on his tour. Ever since that concert, I have been following Bear Grillz’s music and I have been very impressed. Not only does he put on a good show, but a DJ that can also produce takes talent.

  1. Praise It – Beginning with a more reggae sound, ‘Praise It’ immediately gets straight to the point with its dirty dubstep feel. Going back and forth from calm reggae to dubstep, this is definitively a song you will have to learn how to keep up with on the dance floor.
  2. Shark Attack – I absolutely love this. The vocal add-in, “Are you ready for the rough neck, skanka” was not something that I expected to hear in this song. Perfect add in. Of course knowing me, this meme popped into my head when I seen the title.
  3. DTF – DTF is the more upbeat, pop-sounding track on the EP. The first time I listened to this I actually laughed at the vocals added into this. About a minute into the song, you can hear Bear Grillz’s signature dubstep sound. He doubtingly incorporated it nicely into this track.
  4. Triple Treat (ft General Jah Mikey, Datsik & Twine) – And last, the track that has the most hype. I am very happy these artists got together to make this tune. Once again, they integrated the familiar reggae vibe in this song, building it up and drop it hard.

I challenge you, to try and sit still during listening to this EP. I bet you can’t!

Leave your comments below on what you think Bear Grillz could have done differently with this EP.

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