Whether you’re into EDM or not, Trexx Nightclub is the place to be this Friday.  After over a year hiatus Mikey Parkay makes his return to Syracuse with the event Winter Land Nights.  This event has amazing regional and local artists who play everything from house/techno to drum & bass, dubstep and moombahton.

Headlining the main room is J. Paul Getto from Boston Massachusetts and DJ Annalyze from New York City.  The JPG sound is a seamless plenty of contemporary techniques with classic samples of danceable beats and heartfelt emotions that really get the girls in a spin.  Though an experienced producer in his own right, it was the coming together at a dinner party in September 2010 that really set JPG off on a path to stardom.  With the help of Maurice Tamraz (which was a crucial part of the JPG sound) and Neil Petricone of X-Mix Productions , J Paul Getto mined his own unique vein of sample heavy disco house, creating an impressive body of work in such a short time, releasing tracks like ‘Imma Let You Know’, ‘3000’, and ‘Paris Fried Chicken’ to rapturous receptions everywhere.

Internationally know New York native, DeeJay Annalyze has a style all her own, and a skill set that rivals some of the top DJs in the world.  She is renowned for her scratching and captivates the crowd with her high energy sets.  Annalyze has an impressive resume, holding residencies from New York City to Shanghai China, she has also played along side some of the greats like Q-Bert, A-Trak, Craze, and Klever.  Her Grammy performance in 2008 set her apart as the reigning queen of HipHop, Party Rock, and Turntable trickery.  Uniting with Lady Sovereign in 2006, Annalyze was her official tour DJ.  Her style, down to earth personality, and crowd rocking performance have earned her endorsements from Pioneer and Rane, and most recently with Novation’s newest product ‘Dicers’.  She has repeatedly been nominated for DJ TIMES, “Americas Best DJ” competition.  Currently residing in NY and Toronto, you can find Annalyze traveling full-time, creating remixes and edits that can be heard in clubs all over the world.

The main room also features DJs Rick Rave w/ Alex Ryan, Jason Balance w/ Chris Allen, Mikey Parkay w/ Ian Somniak, and the El Chpacabra’s Lou Elusivo & Shaun Josef.

Headlining the drum & bass room is Dave Risen with MC CASPER.  Proficient in all forms of heavy bass music Risen aka True Risen is one of the most wildly successful Upstate New York brokenbeat junglists.  Consistently performing throughout the state and across the northeast Risen has become a staple for all styles of drum n bass, jungle, and breakbeat dub influenced music.  Often laced with funky hip hop samples and ragga vocals his sound ranges from the atmospheric tones of IDM to the bass heavy dirty grime that pulsates the dancefloor with every drop.  Creator of Jungle Boogie Risen has been a formidable partner in regional festivals such as Desiderata, Sweaterfest, The Come Up, Manafest, and many more.  With Risen’s music career well on track he is also one of the top industry sound engineers.  From festival to club performances to providing heavy weight sound reinforcement Risen and his company Perceptive Music/Lock42 are one of today’s most well-rounded artists.

The Drum & Bass room also features DJs Swan7, Selectris Isis & Paul David, Highlander, Marz 21, and Silas Maximus.

Sponsored Vendors by Hustle Threads and Dan Armstrong
Perceptive Sound bringing the Bass
Decoration by Bass drop syndicate
Lazers by DTS productions
Elite Divas – Renee, Kiara

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