Cubicolor have certainly been busy at work in the last 12 months stringing together successful EP after successful EP. This time we are graced with their new Magnum EP, filled with three tracks that recently premiered in their latest Anjunadeep mix. Sticking with the relaxing, laid-back house vibe that the entire Anjunadeep sub label has gained so much recognition for, this EP is certainly one you do not want to miss. All three tracks on this EP are worth a listen, which is no surprise as I’ve come to expect nothing less than quality track time and time again from Cubicolor.


The first track on the EP is the title track, “Magnum”. Setting the mood right for the entire EP, “Magnum” slowly develops over the course of the first three minutes of the track giving off a “floating” sensation through the use of soft sounding chords and melodies that’s even accompanied by a very soft bassline. This track has a very light melody that will make you feel as if your head is in the clouds that are eventually coupled with a comforting melody that soothes the mind and ears of the listener. A great start to the EP, “Magnum” is going to be a successful track on the Anjunadeep label for sure.


The second track off this EP is titled “Moments” and it carries on the soft and relaxing style that Cubicolor have crafted in such great fashion. “Moments” has a somewhat somber feel to it as the melancholic chords are greeted by a perfectly placed snare rhythm in the background. The breakdown in this track is really something unique though. Keeping that somber feel in the background, Cubicolor adds a very, very funky melody midway through that carefully develops into a more uplifting set of chords before being dropped back into the original melody. All in all this track does an excellent job of taking the listener on an emotional journey, and in my opinion is the top track on the EP.

All Zero

Last but not least is the track “All Zero,” which has a slightly different feel to it than the first two tracks offered. With a unique blend of sounds coupled including some distorted vocal samples and a heavier influence on percussion instruments, this song adds another soft melody in the background to pull the entire track together. With this blend of sounds, Cubicolor does a great job of giving this track a very eerie feeling to it as the strings and chords are intended to haunt the listeners ears and in my opinion, it does exactly that. You can truly hear the emotion in not only this song, but all three songs on this EP and it is a perfect way to close out the latest Cubicolor EP.


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