New age dance music fans don’t know about Feed Me’s original alias, Spor, but the OG’s have been patiently waiting for new drum n bass from this guy for a while. In what is his first full album as Spor put out by his own label Sotto Voce, Spor delivers a complete 13 track album with nothing but solid DnB tracks.

1. Your Murmuring Chasms

“I have to go, I have to get away,” the dramatic and darkening soliloquy says with motorcycle noises and other machines in the background. A chilling beginning to what is sure to be a dark and dubstep heavy album, as a piano melody fades in with a DnB beat beginning the next track.

2. Arms House

The spoken vocals from the previous track disappear and instead are replaced by faded female vocals, followed by a heavy drum n bass line and some bass guitar. The track bends your mind with the mechanic bass lines and occasional piano chords that almost seem out of tune.

3. Always Right Never Left

This one starts off softer than the last with a male vocal in a strange language and then kicks right into a DnB drift. The track ends with a soft rain.

4. Empire feat. James Hadoukan

This one is straight up rock and roll, as it begins with a metal guitar riff and features Hadoukan’s vocals with an in your face verse. “I’ll take you down to the wire ’cause this is my empire. Drum n Bass makes its way into the song after the vocals stomp through.

5. Like Clockwork

Light progressive synths begin this track off, followed by some video game type beats and a faded vocal peeping its way in the background. The drop comes off as more dubstep and electro, which is a nice break from the previous few tracks.

6. Blueroom

The bells and clicks in the beginning of this song make you anxious about what’s about to happen. Then, a rapid DnB break hits you and you are mesmerized, until that dirty bass kicks in.

7. Strange Heart.

A soft chorus greets the listener until a few seconds in, when you are greeted by a male vocal and of course DnB clicks. In what is perhaps the softest track on the album, it surely is also one of the most memorable.

8. As I Need You feat. Tasha Baxter

Tasha Baxter’s leading female vocal makes this a standout track on the album. Combined with a fading synth melody that almost can’t distinguish between notes, and a rapid DnB beat,  this song is meant to captivate with Baxter’s vocals.

9. Full Colour

The thing about this song that distinguishes it from the others to me are the triplet jungle sounding drums that only happen on occasion throughout the song.

10. If You Cry

I love this track because it sounds like something you would hear while playing a racing video game in an arcade. It has a more classic sound to it than the other tracks on the album, and even includes a small saxophone part.

11. Our Space

I don’t know how to describe this track, other than exotic. The sharp fading single syllable vocals really add to the clicking noises and the snares.

12. Coconut

I can’t really say why this one is called coconut, because this song takes me to outer space more than it would take me to a beach.  Either way, I like it.

13. The Hole Where Your House Was

When I hear this song, I think of Pocahontas. I can’t explain why, but something about it reminds me of “Colors of the Wind.” Perhaps its the wooden flute noise that I hear? After the first minute, all Pocahontas noises are dissolved into filthy bass to end the album off strong.

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