On Saturday the 28th of March, Direkt Influence Collective, Preservation Utica and The DEV play host to an all DNB event. It will feature DJ Dara from NYC, AwakeFM from Albany, Dave Risen from Syracuse, as well as Robbie Voss and Vogel out of Utica.This event is being held at The DEV which is located at 41 Deveraux St. in Utica NY. Entrance is $10 for 18+ and $5 for 21+.

DJ Dara from Ireland is a living legend when it comes to drum n’ bass. With pioneers AK1200, Dieselboy and Messinian they formed the famous group Planet Of The Drums and helped mold the drum n’ bass movement here in the states. He also co-founded the nation’s first & largest drum ‘n bass record store, Breakbeat Science, in NYC which doubles as his own imprint, Breakbeat Science Recordings. Dara has toured worldwide and performed amongst the likes of Jonny L, Kemistry & Storm, Trace, Ed Rush, Optical, Hype, Andy C, Zinc, and many others. When this guy comes to an event, you better dust your dancin’ shoes off and be ready to get down!

The alias AwakeFM, was born at an early age and shortly thereafter developed a strong bond with an 1980’s Casio sampler keyboard that his neighboor owned. Forever obsessed with sound, he’s been playing in bands, producing, and harassing his poor neighboors with homemade subwoofers for over a decade. Chris got into drum n’ bass with DJ Dara’s “From Here To There” CD back in 2001 and he’s been hooked ever since. Exploring the genre has brought him to his current sound – groove heavy and atmospheric, with a minimal drive that works as well in your headphones as it does on the dancefloor.

Often laced with funky hip hop samples and ragga vocals, Risen’s sound ranges from the atmospheric tones of IDM, to the bass heavy dirty grime that pulsates the dancefloor with every drop. Creator of Jungle Boogie, Risen has been a formidable partner in regional festivals such as Desiderata, Sweaterfest, The Come Up, Manafest, and many more. His music career is well over 10 years now and he is also one of the top sound engineers in the area.

Mr. Voss is best known for his explosive high energy sets. Currently residing in Utica, NY Robbie Voss is no stranger to rocking out behind the decks. Whether he is playing in Syracuse, at a local event in Utica or local festivals.  Voss first started exploring drum n’ bass music in 2003, but didn’t start DJing for a few years after that.  His sets include all styles of the genre from liquid to jump-up and neuro funk.

Eric Vogel is a DJ who has been rinsing records (vinyl only) for more than a decade. He has a true passion for hardcore gabber, releasing several well received studio mixes. He also has a very deep crate to pull from, and he is known to drop anything from booty house to ragga jungle. He is a member of the Direkt Influence collective and also runs his own label, Defektiv Soundsystem.

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