Uros Umek, aka UMEK, is no stranger to the techno/tech-house scene as the Slovenian producer has been putting out quality music for the past decade. UMEK has garnered support from techno followers in the early 2000s for his fast mixing skills and uplifting sets. He hasn’t looked back since as he is now the owner of two record labels, Consumer Recreation and Recycled Loops.

UMEK consistently keeps the momentum going as he is still able to put out top-notch tracks, such as his latest hit, ‘Shake That Ass.’ UMEK samples one of the more popular tracks “Shake That Ass” that features vocals from the legendary Nate Dogg. UMEK does an impeccable job of taking the original and adding that perfect tech house feel through the use of a very heavy bassline.

Midway through, UMEK works his way into perhaps one of the most epic buildups heard on a track in a while before breaking down into a groovy tech track. This release goes to show why UMEK constantly ranks among one of the best DJs in the world, and ranks even higher when it comes to discussing techno producers. You can purchase the track on Beatport and follow UMEK on Soundcloud for more of your daily techno fix.

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