An essay on the warmth and positivity that radiates from Bonnaroo

Take us back to that magical farm, where we forgot all of our aches and sorrows. Where for four days, we became a community of livers and lovers. There was no such thing as strangers, nor hatred or cruelty. We boldly went where we dare not go before, whether socially or experimentally. We were the makers of love, and the forgers of memories to reminisce upon with a lustful glint in our eye when our future children ask, “What did you used to do for fun?”

Sleep was on our terms because we were already living the dream.  Our bodies thumped with ecstasy as we took in the beauty that surrounded us.  “I love your necklace, your hat, your beautiful outlook on life”, we’d yell to friends, both new and old.  In return, they would either entangle us in hugs or high-five us with vigor.  This is what it means to live; we’d reflect dreamily, this is what it means to live.

We danced, we laughed. We kissed and touched.  Together we sweat and together we sang.  But mostly, we listened. We listened to the new and we listened to the old. Generations intertwined; we inhaled and exhaled the music for which we gathered.  Though we’d played the music on repeat so many times before, listening here and now was different.  We let it flow through our veins and into our hearts birthed anew in live music. And we stood then not as individuals, but as a family of the farm who would always look back and think, “That moment was ours.

And when it was all over, we begrudgingly disassembled our campsites in the sweltering Tennessee heat.  We said our farewells and stole one last glance as we drove away. Back to a world where reports were due and bills had to be paid. Back to a world where we spill coffee on our shirts and never get that call back we so desperately wanted. But with us we keep a sliver of the farm. It is always there with us, tucked in a back pocket to remember. And it reminds us that there is good. There always will be good, and that is what the farm stands for.

Radiate positivity, my friends. 

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