Another incredible night went down at 45 Euclid this weekend with Detroit native Norm Talley. The Signal > Noise team presented us with another beautiful rendition of their party that attracted enough passionate and dedicated fans to sell out the event for the second time in a row, despite bringing in more underground names.

When I first arrived at 45 Euclid, I was greeted by Signal > Noise members Brian Shelton and Joe Bucci, both of whom just happened to be hanging around outside. I could feel that the vibe of the night had already been set–everyone was smiling, laughing, chatting amongst themselves, and ready to dance the night away. Just the kind of people I love to be around.

I felt at ease walking into the venue because the next S>N member I bumped into was Eric “Flex” Harris, who also greeted me with a smile.

Fortunately, I usually try to avoid bringing anything with me besides a phone and a wallet so getting through security was a breeze. The one thing I love about the security at 45 Euclid is that they are usually happy and smiling, which reassures me that they are there to keep us safe and the venue in order. I took the opportunity to talk to security throughout the night and, to my knowledge, they were generally in good spirits. The bar staff was exceptional (one of my favorite bartenders and friend, Selena Harris) and the lady doing the coat check was incredibly kind, despite me running back and forth to grab my jacket. Because of that, 45 Euclid is easily becoming one of my favorite event spaces in Rochester.

Signal > Noise residents Danny Kornreich, aka Kornwalis, and Jim Kempkes opened up the show and did a fantastic job of opening up for Norm Talley. Oftentimes, the art of opening for a DJ is forgotten; some DJs fail to invoke the proper vibe by attempting to overshadow the main artist of the night.

Kornwalis and Kempkes were able to get everyone to the dance floor in time for Norm Talley to come on and slay everyone in the crowd with his highly impressive, versatile, and underground sounds. An extended (4 hour) set by Norm Talley is one to behold; I got so lost in the music.

A relentless assault of ID after ID made me want to whip out my Shazam app, but my body told me to just keep on dancing and to enjoy the moment while it lasted.  I wasn’t ready to go home; I wanted more. And it was apparent that the rest of the crowd shared the same sentiment as well. But Norm Talley finally ended the night with a groovy disco track that truly instilled an old-school vibe into the venue and I enjoyed every second of it.

While there were many familiar faces at the event, there were a plethora of new ones as well. The crowd consisted of young and old, veterans and newcomers, black and white, straight and gay. This melting pot of house and techno enthusiasts from all walks of life is, in my opinion, what made the night that much better. The fact that such a large variety of people can come together under one roof, both friends and strangers, and just dance together is incredible to me. Needless to say, it was one of the best crowds I have ever had the pleasure of grooving with.

While I didn’t want it to end, I know that the Signal > Noise team has so much more in store for us. And I’m extremely excited to see what the boys come up with next.


Signal > Noise ft. Norm Talley
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Detroit native Norm Talley rocked the sold-out 45 Euclid in Rochester with everything from disco house to dark, heavy techno. I had one of the best nights I've had in a while surrounded by beautiful friends and strangers eager to dance the night away. The decor and lighting complimented the venue, with its blues and greens accentuating the place.

The only downside to the event were the lines to the bathrooms--it took up to 5 to 10 minutes at a time just to get to the front of the line--which became an issue throughout the night as I chased my heart-stopping Tequila Red Bulls with water. And even then, it was still a very minor issue.

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