Following the success of the previous Matter+ parties, Victor Calderone’s iconic event series will take over Governor’s Island next, along with support from friends Paul Ritch, Nathan Barato, Taimur & Fahad, and Arjun Vagale.

Calderone has long been a pioneer in the NYC techno scene, but unlike many other DJs, he has evolved with the times without losing his own sense of identity and style. He has identified and collaborated with other artists who share the same vision as him for the Matter+ shows, such as Pig & Dan, Mike Frade, Paco Osuna, Green Velvet, Barem, and many others. Evolution is the next step and those who don’t follow suit fall behind.


Matter+ is an event unlike any other; it is a high-caliber dance party where masters of the craft take to the stage and control the crowd with hypnotic grooves for endless hours of dancing. Matter+ is not for the faint of heart;  you must come prepared to dance and ready to be seduced by the dark rhythmic beats all the way into the wee hours of the night. For those who are the last to leave the dance floor, you will understand the true meaning of Matter+.

For those who brave enough, the after party will take place at Space Ibiza at 11pm. Sponsored by Open Air NY and Space Ibiza New York.

Purchase Matter+ on Governor’s Island Tickets | Matter+ After Party at Space Ibiza Tickets

Check out Arjun Vagale’s latest mix for Matter+ below:


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