Editor’s Notes: Written by Joseph Hoffman and Tan Ho

Marea Stamper, under the moniker The Black Madonna, is known for being rough around the edges. She’s known for ruffling the feathers and changing the game. The Black Madonna is, in every sense of the word, an innovator.

She is currently the music director of Chi-Town’s Smart Bar, a venue renowned for bringing in talent such as DVS1, Regis, Sven Weisemann, and many other visionaries spanning its three-decade old history. She is also a resident alongside legends such as Frankie Knuckles, Derrick Carter, and Jeff Derringer.

The Black Madonna has no plans going into a set; she feeds off of the energy of the crowd and relies on them for her track selection.

 No, no plans. Never. The most planning I’ll do is organize my records so that I know where sections of ideas are. But being able to read a room, the sort of crowd profiling that you do, what’s their body language like, are there a bunch of people looking at their phones in front of the booth, are people chatting when you would want them to be dancing… Little things like that, little cues that can tell you how engaged people are.

The Black Madonna embodies all of that, and credits playing almost strictly vinyl sets as a big help. Selecting the right track to evoke the right response from the audience, to spark that initial flame, to grab hold of the listener, is a truly incredible talent and The Black Madonna prides herself in her ability to do that successfully.

Signal > Noise, Rochester’s hottest house and techno party promoter,  has once again gone above and beyond with their talent selection by recruiting the The Black Madonna for their next party taking place on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 45 Euclid in Rochester, NY.

The Black Madonna will take those lucky few on a wild ride through the underground world of house and disco music, resulting in a hot and sweaty dance off that will last all throughout the night.

NO STANDING: The Black Madonna Pre-Party

A new Rochester party collective, NO STANDING, has surfaced in Rochester and will provide hours of entertainment before the Signal > Noise party. Featuring the best local talent of Buffalo and Rochester, NO STANDING is sure to help get you into the groove for the night’s festivities, which will feature a fully stocked bar, barbecue, games, good vibes, and more all on a rooftop patio.

“NO STANDING is first and foremost about the music, moving and grooving so come dance and bring good vibes only.”



There are only a limited amount of tickets left so grab them before the event is completely sold out for the third time in a row. Contact one of the below Signal > Noise representatives for current pricing and ticket options.

Rob Dunn
PayPal: robdunn1200@gmail.com
Venmo: @Rob-Dunn-2

Eric “Flex” Harris
PayPal: djflex1@aol.com
Venmo: @djflex585




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