Calling all Psy Trance fans… Ok, I know we may be few and far between, but this is something that needs to seriously be checked out. Vini Vici is easily one of the biggest names in Psy Trance music and Talla 2XLC is easily one of the entire trance community’s as well as Germany’s biggest musical influences to date. So to see Talla 2XLC, work on one of the Israeli prodigies top tracks, this writer was quite excited. The Tribe is a very tribalesque (shockingly enough) track with a heavy sub kick that’ll get anyone’s blood pumping. Talla 2XLC does a fantastic job of picking up the pace, reworking the melody, and overall providing us with a near flawless remix. For those who are unfamiliar with either of these guys, I highly suggest checking both of them out as they are some of the best at what they do.

Vini Vici Facebook | Beatport | Soundcloud

Talla 2XLC Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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