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Last Tuesday, concert goers seeing the Goons Take America tour at The Waiting Room experienced it all: high energy, amazing music, and good vibes throughout the crowd. Many were concerned that the last minute venue change would disturb the overall experience of the concert, but most attendees would agree and say that the venue was irrelevant. GTA, K Camp, Wax Motif, and locals Dusty Bits manifested a fantastic show.

wax motif
Wax Motif

Western New York duo Dusty Bits, composed of Brother Bear and Notixx, started the night off proper, despite their brief 25 minute set. After that, Wax Motif slid in and threw down a smooth and groovy hour and a half set. The Waiting Room was filling in heavily at this point, hoopers and glovers were in full performance, and the crowd was fixated on the stage as Wax Motif continued to flawlessly mix in track after track. His set was surprisingly long, much to the delight of the concert goers. After that, K Camp started the mad energy of the night, bringing up many fans onto the stage to dance as he hit the crowd with some fire rap beats. Even though he played for a mere 30 minutes, he hands down put in the most energy into his performance.

K CAMP brings the energy up to 100
K CAMP brings the energy up to 100

Finally, after much anticipation, GTA starts the night off with their hit “Break Your Neck,” their fire collaboration with Valentino Khan. The song is absolutely perfect for the beginning of a set because it can elevate a crowd from 0 to 100. The people go nuts, everyone’s jumping, and GTA delivers hit after hit after hit. After the first half hour, they give the crowd a break from jump-inducing bangers, but don’t slow anything down and keep the party going. Girls are on shoulders, groups of friends have formed dancing circles, and the vibes are on point.

Towards the end of their set, GTA plays their lead single “Red Lips.” I don’t know about you, but Red Lips was that song that I could have skipped when I first heard their debut EP, DTG Vol. 1, After hearing it live in this setting, I have a new appreciation for the track. The main drop takes on a totally different interpretation to me when heard live in a concert setting. The placement of this track towards the end of their set was perfection to slow the heart rates of everybody. Just when we thought it was over, GTA thanks the crowd and sends us off with their biggest song to date “Intoxicated.”

Follow GTA on their Goons Take America Tour, and check out their latest album DTG Vol. 2 out now!

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