Fewer things give us more joy than kicking it with your best friends at a music festival. On the flipside, few things make us feel absolutely drained and REKT than a three day festival. #FirstWorldProblems. You feel infinite sadness. The real world seems so boring compared to festival life! How can you speed up the process of feeling better? Check out these pro-tips for getting back to your happy self.

  1. If available in your city, check out Reviv Wellness

    Reviv is not for everyone: but if you can handle donating blood or getting a vaccine, you can handle this. Reviv is a company that provides IV rehydration, as well as booster shots to get you back on your feet. They literally inject you with vitamins and claim they can have you feeling 100% in just minutes! More info at RevivMe.com

  2. Eat real food

    This one might be super obvious, but proper nutrition (or lack thereof) is probably a factor as to why you are not feeling great. Treat yourself to a balanced meal with plenty of green vegetables, protein, and WATER! Stay away from fast food and alcohol; even though they may be comforting, you’re only in for more hurting later on.

  3. Go for a walk outside

    Never underestimate the power of such a simple activity. Going for a walk around your city or town with a pair of headphones is a great way to unwind after a long weekend. Bonus points if you bring your festie besties with you!

  4. Plan your next festival


    Seriously. Your bank account is probably close to zero, but planning for your crew’s next move is a great way to get over the sadness of the weekend that just ended. Having another adventure lined up is the best way to stop being sad about the adventure that just ended.

  5. Go to a spa


    This one is for girls and boys. Treat yourself! Your body went through hell over the weekend and it deserves some love! A massage post-festival can do wonders on any knots or aches you might have. If you’re not able to shell out that kind of cash, don’t underestimate the power of a good pedicure! Guys: don’t knock it until you try it, polish is the smallest component of a good pedi.

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