Cropped Palm TreesCristian Varela has always been an inventive talent in the world of electronic music. With over 20 years experience and having released records on major labels such as Elephanthaus and Intec, he has solidified himself amongst some of the top DJs in Spain. And so it should come as no surprise that in December of 2015, Varela unveiled a new, completely live, performance concept titled VARELIVEAs 2016 gets underway, Varela unveiled this new concept and one of gis first performances of the year was a gig at Insane during the BPM Festival where he played alongside the likes of Eli & Fur as well as Dennis Ferrer. In being one of techno music’s ambassadors, Varela is not only well-versed in DJing, producing, composing, promoting, but as an entrepreneur as well and VARELIVE is just another avenue for Varela to display his creative genius.

VARELIVE is not like most other live performance, nothing is predetermined and every set is developed in real time creating an incredibly smooth and organic flow to each performance. For these performances Varela will be utilizing a variety of live hardware such as the Roland Aira TR8, the Roland Aira MX1, Roland MC505, Ableton Push, and the Cyclone TT303. No two Insane Pacha - Varela BPM2016performances will be the same and fans will have the unique opportunity to view Varela’s every move while performing. Two giant screens on either side of Varela will basically put his entire performance under the spotlight, which is an idea most live DJs would be scared to perform under. Leaving little room for error, this concept will truly show Cristian Varela’s talents at their best and as he looks to usher in a new era of live musical performances.

Be sure to give the video below a watch as to get a feel for Varela’s new project. These performances are going to be something incredible and techno fans from all over are going to thoroughly enjoy the live construction of Varela’s sets. In addition, you can check out his performance from BPM Festival HERE to catch a glimpse of what may be in store. Enjoy!

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