One of Mixmag’s latest premieres features Detroit legend Kevin Saunderson and OG Tommy Onyx teaming up for remxing duties on Latroit’s ‘Need You Tonight‘. Kevin Saunderson’s name has been synonymous with techno ever since he first got started in Detroit and Tommy Onyx came to prominence as keyboard player with the Alt Rock band The Charm Farm before he served as the Music Director for the techno group Inner City The sub kick starts heavy as the crisp hi-hats and eerie synth sounds join the picture. An off-beat snare rhythm leads the build up as the synths and sound effects join in as well prior to the drop. This remix is completely covered in Detroit Techno influences as the breakdown features a groovin’ rhythm powered by percussion instruments and backed by distorted synthesizers and a quiet vocal vocal snippet that is shadowed by an echoing vocal cut as well.

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