12784619_10207164222956711_1688728504_nOne of the driving forces behind Buffalo’s dance music scene, Rufus Gibson has released another silky smooth house track this time courtesy of Basement Movement out of Boston, Massachusetts. Their latest release is a seven track compilation which features a few other artists that are no stranger to the Buffalo scene as well in Brrio and Timmy Trax who have both turned in solid performances at Igloo Music’s monthly party series at the Gypsy Parlor  and both producer excellent tracks for the mix. Drawing on a lot of 90’s house inspirations, Gruv It To The Flo is a very instrumentally driven tune highlighted by funky percussion and drum rhythms and a smooth, classic vocal cut. Tribal influences drive the track while the vocals fade in and out keeping the track vibing throughout its entire duration. As one of seven tracks released on this compilation, the entire comp is definitely worth the listen so be sure to check that out as well on the Basement Movement Soundcloud page.

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