Last year, we gave you guys our first ever guide to making it through Miami Music Week, which was an extensive article that spelled out the basics of Miami, highlighted notable parties, and making the most out of your party schedule. This year, we’re taking a more responsible approach and giving five tips that will help you make sure you have the best experience.

Be prepared for Uber and Lyft surcharging

March is the busiest time of the year in Miami, second only to New Year’s Eve. If you think you’re going to save money by using Uber, you’re going to have a bad time. With so many events and tens of thousands of visitors, the traffic between Miami Beach and the mainland will be horrific (and sadly there’s no viable public transportation train in between the two). Make sure your bank knows you’re traveling and make sure you have $50 a day for cab travel, just in case.

Check to see if gratuity is already included

Almost every single restaurant, hotel, and bar on South Beach will include the gratuity into the final bill. Don’t be a fool and add extra gratuity if you didn’t intend to – unless you think the service was spectacular (spoiler alert: it won’t be).

Have a plan

With literally hundreds of events happening, it’s so hard to pick and choose which ones you want to do. If you’re doing a day party, and a night time event all in the same day, it would be wise to choose events that are in the same area, or events that are close to your hotel. Travel time in between parties might take longer than expected, especially during the 10pm to 1am timeframe. If you aren’t going back to your hotel, make sure you are dressed appropriately for both venues. Also, check twice to see if your event allows hula hoops, poi, or gloves.

Have a back-up plan

Remember that plan I told you to make? Well, phones die, friends get lost, and the strangest things happen in the 305. Wearing a watch might not be a terrible idea, and memorizing at least one friend’s phone number in case of emergency is a must.

Pace yourself

Do not go too hard your first day. I repeat: do NOT go too hard the first day. Don’t ruin the rest of your trip by drinking so much that you don’t remember your favorite DJ’s set and you’re too hungover to make it to the pool party the next day. Don’t partake in substances that you haven’t tested. And PLEASE watch out for your friends. It’s hot in Miami, make sure you have a source of water. As a very extreme precaution, you might want to carry your health insurance card (we pray that you don’t need to use it.)


The beauty of Miami Music week is that it’s never the same experience from year to year. Whatever you plan on doing, make sure you fully take in every moment of your trip. Take too many pictures, be nice to strangers, and tell your friends you love them!

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