nghtmreTyler Marenyi, also known as NGHTMRE to most, continues to find ways to flash his genius in a creative manner with each and every release. Ever since Skrillex made his ID the only unknown track in his 2015 Ultra set, the talented artist has quickly risen to the top, developing a complex sound of rhythmic percussive patterns and catchy, bass driven melodies. In a collaborative effort with Jamal Guitierrez, commonly known as All Flow Reaches Out (A-F-R-O for short), the LA based DJ and producer stirs up a smooth and sultry down tempo Hip Hop track. A-F-R-O, also out of Los Angeles, is a young Hip-Hop artist focused on bringing old-school Hip-Hop back to prominence with a strong yet calming lyrical presence intent on painting a picture in the listener’s mind. The vocals are deep and soothing, powerful and soft, all at the same time while NGHTMRE works magic on the afroproduction side of things. Old school Hip-Hop influences are heavily present as smooth percussive rhythms and plucking guitar rhythms weave in and out of verses with ease. The high-pitched vocal sample layered over rounds things and the saxophone joining in midway through is a pleasantly delightful surprise. ‘Stronger’ is an incredible piece and proves NGHTMRE is a much more talented producer than many may realize.

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