The hottest remix off of Spinnin Records comes from two Floridian artists, MountBlaq and Tegi. MountBlaq is a duo from Naples, FL who consider themselves to be from a town where, “the old go to retire and the young chase chaos.” This remix definitely shows their desire to chase chaos from the beginning to the end as the entire song is shrouded in madness. Miami-native Tegi on the other hand was a classically trained musician who didn’t decide to delve into the world of electronic music until just a few years ago. Together, their experience and musical talents fuse to remix a stellar track by the amazing Olly James and

Starting off with a strong kickdrum and backing beat, this “Ecuador” remix hits hard from the beginning and takes on as a hybrid of big room and jungle terror. A progressive synth melody serves as a prechorus, before erupting into complete insanity for the drop. Vocals in Spanish echo in the background chanting a strong phrase before disappearing into the background in time for the strong production skills to take over again. If you aren’t jumping by the end of this song, you must be crazy.

MountBlaq on Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Tegi on Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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