What exactly is Soda Island? Describing them may be difficult, but an interesting collective of talented individuals brought together by the common desire to craft delicate and bubbly new age music is a good start. Having never met face to face, the team is comprised of Grynpyret (Sweden), Ramzoid (Canada), Spire (Western Australia), Izzard (Pennsylvania), RefraQ (UK), Avionics (Germany) and Arian Cook (Western Australia) and work to curate their sound via the internet, passing tracks back and forth until they are complete. These talented artists not only are making waves with their innovative production talents, but are also a prime example of just how far today’s technological can take us, showing their truly are no bounds in today’s day and age.

Soda Island co-founder RefraQ leads the unique movement unveiling his latest track, aptly named ‘Soda Ritual’. A very ambient style track, ‘Soda Ritual’ leads its listener’s through a journey of Soda Island revealing its deepest, darkest secrets. The atmospheric and spacey vibes and sound structure details the importance of the island’s Soda Ritual to the island’s inhabitants. The villager’s gather at night around a blufire and begin moving with the rhythms of the wind. Soon enough the vibrations and energy begin to create an emission which can then be trapped and condensed into audio potions before being used for production purposes. RefraQ and the Soda Island Collective are certainly breathing fresh air into the electronic music community with their eclectic and diverse sound and ‘Soda Ritual’ is another testament to that.

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Soda Island on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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