Roger Shah has always been known as a talented, multi-faceted artist, and not only has he established a successful career over the years, but so has his Sunlounger moniker. It originally started as a simple idea. That simple idea then emerged into a full on plan, and soon thereafter, a Sunlounger album with Balearic influences and an easy-listening style was birthed, the first of its kind.

Following the requests of many a fan, Roger Shah presents his first meditational album, taking the chill out feel from his Sunlounger project to a whole new level. Being released this Friday, April 15th‘Music for Meditation, Yoga & Any Other Wellbeing Moments’ is the first album to be released via Auro 3D which creates a 3D digital soundscape capable of providing the most immersive and in-depth sound and feeling possible today.

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As the title suggests, this album is meant for things such as meditation, yoga, etc, and after listening it is easy to see why. Delicately crafted, the somber, and soothing down tempo rhythm is ideal for easing the mind and relaxing one’s thoughts. Check this one-of-a-kind album out below and be on the lookout for its release this coming Friday!

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