Tony Cook, better known as Dubstep legend Cookie Monsta, is throwing things back a little bit, bringing back the ‘wobble’ that characterized the genre a decade ago. The UK based DJ and producer has solidified himself as one of the genre’s greats over the years, compiling releases on some of the biggest labels and landing himself a spot on the Circus Records roster with his productions that reflect the darker and grimier side of Dubstep The Wobble EP is a four track selection that is reminiscent of some of Dubstep’s biggest hits brimming with heavy wobbles brilliantly molded to fit the down right nasty side of Dubstep Cookie Monsta has built his reputation upon.

The track ‘Ruff’ kicks things off in proper fashion with assistance from Tima Dee and a building synth and string melody. Shortly after the slick snare rhythm and vocals join in working towards the wobbliest of drops. The down tempo beat and heavy wobbles are matched only by the occasional vocal bit and gun shot sounds for added flavor. It’s not long before Cookie Monsta begins building another a drop and bringing the wobble back in full force.

‘Death Wobl’ is track number two and is certainly an aptly named production. A minimal style Dub track, Cookie Monsta again focus on heavy wobbles (surprise) with a vocal sample discussing a serious problem with a ‘death wobl’. Easily the funkiest track on the EP, the wobbles are groovier more so than they are in your face and the light snare beat in the background keeps things in line.

Third on the EP is “High As Hell’, which is arguably the best track of the bunch. A bit more beat than the other selections on the Wobble EP, ‘High As Hell’  starts things off with a quick rhythm that quickly begins building without any warning.The drop to this one is nothing short of infectious as a vocal bit jumps in immediately prior, yelling ‘High as hell, drunk as fuck’, before dropping into an irresistible, bass infused Drumstep banger. Without a doubt built for the dance floor, this one will have venues across the world shaking for quite some time.

Rounding out Cookie Monsta’s Wobble EP is ‘Soundboy’, a Raggaeton infused track that brings back more of that deliciously dirty wobble.With Raggae instrumental influences including a down tempo rhythm, the Dubstep maestro flexes his production muscle once again seamlessly blending his dirty wubs with the Raggae sound with ease. The perfect close to an outstanding release, The Wobble EP is just another notch on the already impressive belt boasted by Tony Cook.

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