Two producers from Buffalo, NY emerging onto the scene as one of the next best producer/DJ duos out there. With their house, tech-house and techno style they will throw down DJ sets that command the party atmosphere in any city. Spending late nights in the studio and late nights in the DJ booth, these two are here to stay. Chad Lock & Garrett Cee plan on making an impact for years to come.

Chad Lock and Garrett Cee are proud to present their first full-length release, a relentless four track EP designed to keep you groovin’ through the wee hours of the morning. Complete with 4 diverse tracks and a full journey through all spectrums of Techno, the Late Nights EP is a sure fire necessity for any techno fan. ‘Don’t Stop’ kicks things off with a dark vibe, a fat sub kick, and a funky rhythm. The deep vocal sample and eerie vibe make this a perfect warehouse banger. ‘Still Up’ continues the journey through our evening and kindly reminds us that the party is a marathon and not a sprint. Wonky samples from the unlikeliest of places and a rolling bass line propel this track while the soft vocal asks ‘are you still up?’. Third on the EP is ‘Get Lost’, another heavy Techno banger with a fat sub kick and rolling vocals. The hi-hat is rather prominent in this one as the wispy vocals fade in and out. A clap plays counterpart to the snare beat and the cowbell midway through adds a nice flare to the overall track. ‘8am’rounds out the EP well after the sun has come up and manages to keep the vibe rolling with a weird rhythm and a pounding sub kick. All in all, this EP presents an impressive first release from the two young artists and provides a solid platform to make a name off of.

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