2015 saw the release of Montreal based DJ and prodcuer Apashe‘s track ‘Tank Girls’, a unique club style banger with classic Dubstep influences and a smooth vocal cut. In 2016, fans were treated to the ‘Tank Girls’ remix package courtesy of Kannibalen Records with four heavy remixes by some rather talented artists. With four remixes and artists like Son of Kick and Razihel on remixing duties, this package is an essential for bass music fans all over the place.

Up to bat first is Razihel, bringing a big Progressive House style infused with Bass and Trap influences. Booming synth melodies and rapid percussive beats push this track as the vocals are tweaked and distorted throughout. 8Er$ follows with his take on ‘Tank Girls’, which happens to be a powerful Dubstep remix with rattling bass lines and plenty of lasers. The Son of Kick remix might just be the heaviest one on the whole package. A slightly down tempo take with a broken percussive rhythm, Son of Kick slams the listener with a cascade of shattering melodies and bass lines that certainly pack a powerful punch. Last up on the four track package is Zeskulls, who brings out a faster paced Bass/UK House take on the original. Fat bass lines, punchy sub kicks, and swift wubs give this remix an energy that the other three just don’t quite bring to the table. With four unique cuts, and a little something for every Bass enthusiast, we think you guys will enjoy this remix package as much as we did.

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