When Eric Prydz speaks, people have learned to listen. Known for being an artist who creates music for the purpose of playing out live and not releasing, when we do get a Prydz release, it’s rather exciting. The only thing more exciting, would be a release on behalf of his Techno moniker Cirez D, which fans were graced with earlier this week in the form of ‘In The Reds’. Following several successful EP’s over the last 18 months and an absolutely breathtaking album released in early February, Cirez makes his return in style. Part of a two track release including a track titled ‘Century Of the Mouse’ on The Cirez D established Mouseville Records, Prydz unleashes a fury of rolling bass lines and cascading rhythms that continuously build and progress throughout the entire track. With a thick and hazy vibe, you can easily tell Cirez D constructed this track for the wee hours of the morning when the club is really starting to heat up. Available now on limited edition 12′ vinyl, which you can snag here, the digital release of ‘In The Reds’ and ‘Century Of The Mouse’ will be available on May 30th so be on the lookout.

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