The Funky Man is most definitely back. Rufus Gibson, one of the first names that comes to mind when House music is brought up in Buffalo, dished out a serious helping of tunes with his most recent release, the Funky Man’s Back EP courtesy of JR From Dallas’ Gourmand Recordings. Providing fans with three quality House anthems dripping in classic, funky rhythms, the Funky Man’s Back EP is already proving to be another stepping stone in the artist’s blossoming career.

Rufus kicks off the Funky Man’s Back EP with a spin on the EP title, named ‘Funky Man’s Gibson’. With a looped vocal sample in the beginning, Gibson slams an open hi-hat accompanied by a fat kick to drive the track. Almost midway through, Rufus strips the track almost completely clean save for a groovy bass line, and the familiar kick/hi hat combo, before slowly bringing things back to business with the vocal and smooth rhythm. Solid opening track if you ask us. ‘Gorilla Blue’ is up next and takes things down a notch with a much smoother, easy going rhythm. Channeling some soul from deep within, Rufus lets his emotions flow into one excellently crafted piece of music. Tantalizing guitar riffs, an oh-so-swift melody, and some more open hi hat beats play into a crisp instrumental as we get another vocal sample looped over the top. The Funky Man’s EP rounds out with ‘Cruisin 33’, something that sounds like it came straight out of a car chase along the West Coast from a movie in the 70s. The smooth synth melody is met with a plethora of drum fills in the background and the occasional traffic sounds and semi horns add a touch of character to the track. The tribal drums play the perfect background rhythm as Rufus stirs up another crafty melody and rounds out another excellent release in quality fashion. Head over to Beatport to pick up your copy today and let us know your thoughts on the Funky Man’s Back EP.

Purchase Funky Man’s Back EP HERE

Rufus Gibson on Resident Advisor | Twitter | Soundcloud


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