Erick Morillo, one of the most respected veterans in today’s scene has been making headlines as of late not only for his music, but for his interviews and discussions as well. Known throughout the years for his energetic performances and well crafted productions, Morillo had been in the news of late as one of the more notorious artists to speak out about drug addiction and its effects. After divulging that Morillo nearly lost his left arm to a Ketamine addiction, Morillo has proved ready to shift the focus back on the music with a slew of releases. Teaming up with the Berlin based Junolarc, Morillo injects his signature dark and ominous sound into a brutal track properly titled ‘This Is How We Do It’ on Morillo’s label Subliminal Records. Sitting at seven and a half minutes of pure Tech Beauty, Erick Morillo rattles of a repeetitve hi-hat/clapping combo in the background of a delicately crafted horn melody. With a rumbling, rolling bass line and progression that is on point, ‘This Is How We Do’ proves another powerful release from Erick Morillo and up-and-coming artist Junolarc.

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