What a year for dance music, eh? The year 2016 has certainly been kind to the electronic community as new technologies and a rapidly growing talent pool of artists allows the scene to continue to test the limits of just how innovative and emotive dance music and the club scene can be. With so much new music coming out daily, keeping up with some of today’s tunes can certainly seem like a daunting task to some. So we sat down and tried to narrow the list down to a few choice tracks that should be in every electronic music fan’s library at this point. In no particular order, we present to you guys, Dance and Rave’s Top 10 Tracks of 2016 So Far. Enjoy!

1. Manila Killa feat. Joni Fatora – ‘All That’s Left’ 

What a track. Manila Killa, aka 1/2 of rising duo Hotel Garuda made a huge splash with this solo release earlier in the year and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. Bright, summery vibes are dripping from the delicate chord work and smooth Future Bass sounds while Joni Fatora kills the vocal game.


2. Flume feat. Kai – ‘Never Be Like You’

Australia’s Flume has certainly reached super stardom over the last year and it’s productions like these that prove to us why. Kai’s vocals are nothing short of breathtaking and Flume’s production skills are on full display here. With a down tempo rhythm and a wobbly, bassy melody, the track is sure to move you.


3. Getter & Ghastly – ‘666!’

‘666’ was a massive collaboration between Getter & Ghastly that completely rocked dance floors across the nation. With three unique, yet equally destructive drops, this massive Bass/Dubstep blend easily became a fan favorite this year.


4. CID – ‘No!’

An instant hit, this track from CID rang familiar for many fans due to the sampling of TLC’s track ‘Scrub’ from the 90s. Transformed into a club ready banger with a grooving melody and powerful bass line, ‘No!’ was the perfect recipe for success.


5. Orkidea – ‘Nana’ (Gai Barone Remix)

This one is a progressive beauty. Taking on a stellar original, Gai Barone works his magic turning it into a building melody that blossoms delicately throughout the entire cut. With a tribalesque vocal bit, and a rattling rhythm, this one was another instant favorite for many.


6. Catz ‘n Dogz -‘I Bought It All’ (Eats Everything Remix) 

Trippy is truly the only way to describe this remix. Doing what he does best, Eats Everything takes this Catz ‘n Dogz original and turns it into a mind warping remix destined for warehouses and those late night festivities. While the vocals take fans on a journey, Eats Everything provides the perfect percussive rhythms and low end melodies to make your mind melt.


7. Claude von Stroke – ‘Who’s Afriad of Detroit?’ (Octave One Remix)

In celebration of the 10th year of Detroit’s Movement Electronic Festival, fans were graced with a killer remix packages of one of Claude von Stroke’s most iconic releases. With artists like Marc Houle and Octave One both offering up excellent reworks, it was hard to choose just one. This one makes the cut because if it’s bouncing high end melody and dark, low end vibes, but you can’t go wrong either way.


8. Ookay – ‘Thief’ 

Ookay hit the nail on the head with this one. Swirling vocals, a rivetting saxophone, and a big, atmospheric vibe shot this track to the tops of charts all over the world instantly. In fact the track was so successful, Ookay found himself on Billboard magazine and racked up millions of plays on Soundcloud. Check it out!


9. Aly & Fila feat. Audrey Gallagher & Luke Bond – ‘Million Voices’

Trance fans fell head over heels in love with Aly & Fila’s track ‘Million Voices’ after initially hearing it in their debut Essential Mix earlier this year. With a beautifully powerful melody that is matched only by the energy of the bass, the Egyptian legends crafted a masterpiece. Audrey Gallagher holds down the vocal end of things delivering a powerful message with her soft and emotive vocal work, rounding out this stellar track.


10. PillowTalk and Soul Clap feat. Greg Paulus and Crew Love – ‘Love Train’ 

Easily the smoothest melody you’ll hear all year, guaranteed. With the formation of Crew Love, comprised of the likes of PillowTalk, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, and several others, the NY based crew set out to spread their word. ‘Love Train’ has a smooth and delicate percussive rhythm accompanied by a sultry piano rhythm and groovin’ low end rhythms. The lyrics are simple and succulent and catchy as all hell, making for the perfect summer time tune.

BONUS. Franky Rizardo – ‘Keep My Cool’ 

I just couldn’t leave this one off. Released on Defected Records, Franky Rizardo made a name for himself with this one. Boasting everything the Defected label stands, Keep My Cool’ flows as smooth as butter with a sultry vocal sample over the top. The bass heavy low end grooves right along carrying the rhythm for most of the track in proper fashion. A must listen in our opinion!

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