Guy Johnson
Guy Johnson

SYNTH Radio is back, Dance and Rave crew! This month we have a very special edition which includes our latest artist spotlight as well. Hailing from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, SYNTH Radio August ’16 highlights the raw and energetic sounds of Mr. Guy Johnson, an up-and-coming talent with a thirst for the grittiest and dirtiest beats out there. In addition to our SYNTH August mix, we got to have a little chat with Guy about his style, influences, and plans for the future. Be sure to peep the mix attached and check out the interview for a little insight as to what makes Guy Johnson tick. Enjoy!

So, tell us a little bit about your music background.

Both my parents were into real soul music, Motown records was always playing. I owe my musicality to my Mother & Father. My Father was with a group called the Jody Singers and has multiple hits to his name, I still remember being at the studio with him when he rehearsed and my mother played classical piano concerts. I dabbled with piano a little at first and my older sister who had also been a DJ was encouraging me to show an interest in DJ’ing when I was quite young.

When did you first start producing music?

I was 16 around the time I first started making Hip Hop beats with FL Studio. I was going for that 90’s sound like 9th Wonder, Alchemist etc but by the time I was 20 House & Techno started to take over. I was going to a lot of parties and that was the moment I fell in love with those sounds.

Who were some of your major influences getting into the industry?

Producers such as, Cleric, Nick Beringer, Joe Hall, You Know The Drill and Ringbaan give me a lot of energy and I get a lot of inspiration. All of these producers have an original and raw sound, Just the way I like it!

How long have you been producing music for?

I think about for 5 years right now! and still counting!

How would you describe your sound and it’s evolution since you started producing?

My current sound has lots of Powerhouse/Raw/Techno/Garage vibes mixed together, it evolved that way because of the range of music we like here.

What were some of the inspirations behind the Warehouse EP?

After the hype from the Hustler Trax EP I was really fired up to make some new tracks. These were the result of that I guess. My whole life focus shifted after Hannah Wants featured the track on her BBC radio show. For the first time I thought that something could come out of this that was bigger than me and my bedroom studio.

What kind of goals do you have for the future?

I’d love to keep doing more of what I’m doing now and just reach further audiences. I’m organizing gigs around Europe at the moment and really need an agent. If any European agents are reading this can you contact me?

Anything cool in the works we can be expecting in the near future? Tunes/shows/etc?

It’s summer at the moment, so like anyone with some sense I’m out having fun and enjoying life! This mix features some new tracks I just made and these will be out soon enough on various labels. I’m talking to a bunch of promoters around Europe so hopefully I’ll be playing in your city soon if you live in the neighborhood.

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