Jase Thirlwall
Jase Thirlwall

Jase Thirlwall has seen his popularity steadily increase over the last decade due in large part to his energetic performances and talented productions. With releases on labels such as Kearnage and Outburst Records the talented UK based artist is already developing an impressive back catalog of releases in just a few short years. Just as impressive are his skills behind the DJ booth as Jase has been known to drop everything from Techno to Trance to Psy and everything in between as he displays his diversity well and as often as he can. For our next installment of the Dance and Rave Artist Spotlight Series we were fortunate enough to catch up with Jase and discuss some of his influences, current music, and plans for the future as he continues to ride the wave of success he has worked so hard at.

So, what kind of musical background do you have and how does that play into the music you produce now?

Music production was completely new to me and took slightly longer to grasp given I had no instrumental background. I started DJing at around 18 years old so I was playing out long before I sat in front of a DAW, as daunting as it was! I’m still learning now, I take a lot of inspiration from the tracks I play out old & new!

Did you have any major musical influences growing up?

I grew up through a variety of scenes, I began listening to hardcore and harder edge techno and then through to trance and tech trance, I also enjoy listening to some composers like Hans Zimmer & Jesper Kyd, loads of inspiration to be taken from these guys, I love the melodic, euphoric, nearly haunting trance sound stripped back. Trance wise I’ve always looked up to Paul Van Dyk & Ferry Corsten and ATB. These are the guys who I grew up listening too

Trance has become known for their longer and more emotional performances, do you prefer playing a more standard length set or something a bit extended?

Without a doubt an extended set. It provides the DJ with room to properly experiment and it gives the DJ room to express themselves possibly through a variety of genres. This is simply difficult to achieve in an hours set. 3 or 4 hour sets are ideal, but I’m seeing lots of “open to close” sets now which is great, you can take your fans on a proper journey.

Going off of that last question, do you have a preference regarding club sets or more for festival oriented performances?

I enjoy both, weather it’s a big festival or a sweaty intimate club. I do really appreciate playing to big crowds, its great fun, but nothing beats a small, packed out, sweaty venue, I love the underground vibe.

Your latest track, ‘Squelcher’, is a collaboration with talented artist Will Atkinson. What were the inspirations behind that?

We took a lot of inspiration from an older track and a lot of people have noticed actually. It was a track I used to play in my sets a lot, Joy Energizer – Joy kitikonti. We wanted to create some sort of monster that would rip roofs clean off any venue it was played whilst incorporating the vibe from this older bomb of a track. I think we succeeded.

I’d say so! What was it like working with an artist like Will?

Will & I are great friends inside and out of the studio which makes for a lot of laughing and nonsense. He’s extremely creative and talented, great fun to work with.

Some of your tracks have already gained pretty massive support from the likes of Bryan Kearney and Armin van Buuren, how does it feel?

Its always great to hear your peers playing your music. In a sense that you know you’re doing something right. Some tracks have had some fantastic support from BBC Radio 1, Armin, PVD, John O’Callaghan and much more. It’s always appreciated and gives you the drive to do more…

You’ve already come a long way since bursting on to the scene back in 2010, where do you see yourself headed?

I’ll keep doing what I do. I have some exciting projects going on so we’ll see how they unfold. There are still a lot of brands and countries I’d love to play, hopefully we can tick some of them off in 2017.

Anything big in the works you can give us a little insight on?

Ehhhhm, nothing I can really talk about too much just now. Some exciting new tracks going down in the studio, some cool tours in the planning, you can keep an eye on everything on my artist page and soundcloud page links!

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