Big news coming from LA based producer Gigamesh this week as he released the first volume of his highly anticipated Time Travel album. Already having made a name for himself with an impressive catalog of viral remixes, Gigamesh debuted the single ‘History’ off Time Travel through Mixmag and was met with outstanding appreciation for his new age blend of Funk and Disco influences. The Minneapolis native hits his debut album’s release in stride as Time Travel Vol. 1 comes with five infectious tracks and is well worth checking out.

Opening with ‘My Future Is Your Future’, the listener is instantaneously met with soulful vocal cuts and the signature Synth-Pop style Gigamesh has become known for as of late. This funky track features a unique blend of Pop, Future, and Disco influences that are backed by prominent hi-hat beats and led by a well crafted Synth melody that is soon joined by a higher end guitar riff.

‘Slow Love’  follows up the first track in a similar manner, but on this cut Gigamesh is joined by Caroline Smith. Highlighted by an arpeggiated touch, the blend of Disco influences mesh perfectly with Smith’s vocals providing one of the most uplifting tracks of the first volume.

‘I’d Do It Again’ features another solid collaboration, this time alongside Gavin Turek. The most House-oriented release on Volume 1 of Time Travel, Gigamesh parlays long, drawn out chord progressions into a deep and funky bass line that is tied together by an infectious chorus. Smooth percussive rhythms are prominent in the background tie everything together in an ideal manner on this track.

Damon Scott joins Gigamesh for the album’s fourth track, the cut premiered by Mixmag titled ‘History’. Blending in more of those funky Future influences that run rampant through the entire album, a tantalizing high-end melody is layered over the top of another funky, driving bass line. A punchy sub kick holds its place in the background and crafty drum fills lead the listener in to more of the Synth-Pop/Retro Funk sound that Gigamesh has carved his niche in.

‘So Long’, the aptly named final track of the album, blends together the new with the old in a manner that fits just right. A bit more down tempo than the previous tracks on Time Travel, Gigamesh imparts slight Disco influences that are reminiscent of early French Disco tunes with a modernized vocal sound that is a true reflection of the evolution of his sound over the years. An incredibly well produced album from start to finish, the Time Travel Vol. 1 is something we’ll have on repeat for quite some time while we await the arrival of the second installment. Enjoy!

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