US based production trio Audeka debuted their highly anticipated Lost Souls LP this past week and fans are going nuts. Released on September 23rd, the Wisconsin based trio have set out to explore every last inch of the bass music spectrum as they incorporate a wide array of influences and styles in to their final product. While a relatively new project still, Audeka has racked up releases on Caliber, Ammunition and Adapted with tracks such as ‘Ritual’ and ‘Samurai’ serving as the perfect lead in to the newly released Lost Souls LP on MethLab Recordings. As avid video game players the trio have developed a love for medieval and fantasy styled games. This mindset allows Audeka to curate not only a certain sound, but a landscape and journey within their music that encapsulates listener and is entirely present in the Lost Souls LP.

The first track on the LP is titled ‘Mending Tree’ and proves to be the trio easing in to things a bit. It’s a down tempo and melodic track that is dissonant and ambient in feel with cascading melodies and the faint glow of a woman’s voice echoing in the background. While not one of the focal points of the album, the production skill here should not be over looked.

It isn’t until the LP’s third track, ‘Archdemon’, that things begin to pick up a little bit. This one is heavy. Like super heavy. Demonic in nature as the title suggests, this one features a muffled voice and eerie build that leads in to some pretty heavy sound design. Peep this one, if you dare.

‘Necromancy’ follows along the same path. Its got dark and twisted synth lines shattering over a downtempo, bass driven melody. ‘Necromancy’ gets even creepier as the breakdown is highlighted by the creepy whispering of a girl with slight drum rhythms in the back. Sounding like it came straight out of a horror film, this one might not be for the weaker minded individuals.

By the time ‘Shadow Walker’ rolls around, we’re well acclimated to the furthest depths of hell with any sense of escaping. The Drum n Bass influences have begun to pick up a little while more cascading synths and impeccable sound design strengthen their grips on the listener’s trying to escape their purgatory.

‘Oracle’ has a wormhole like feel to it as it engulfs the listeners in layers upon layers of synths and well crafted, hypnotic drum fills. Audeka continues to set pursue and emblazoned path as they carry on with no remorse, crafting a treacherous sonic journey.

Long story short, Audeka turns in absolute journey in the form of the Lost Souls LP. With 11 death-defying tracks that are sure to satisfy any bass head, there is no reason not to have this LP on repeat and Audeka on your radar. Check the album below, and let us know your thoughts.. if you can make it through, that is.

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