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Is it safe to say that EDM has died yet? What even is EDM at this point? Is it the generally-hated 2013 Big Room House style that cheapened music? Or is it a blanket term for this community that we all found ourselves in? Whatever you make of it, it is evolving at a rapid pace that no one can keep up with. We can’t really say we know for sure what will be popular in 5 or 10 years, but we’re going to take a few educated guesses.

1. Indietronic

Derived from a mixture of the words “Indie” and “Electronic,” this genre is self-explanatory. This is for the Flume‘s, the Porter Robinson‘s, the Madeon‘s, and all the other slower, softer dance music producers. These guys put the musicality back into dance music, while still crafting something original that is audibly pleasing and easy on the ears. Unlike the “copy and paste” DJs (cc VINAI) , you can’t fool fans of this genre: they know what real talent is and they will support it. This concept is so popular, that there’s an entire Spotify Playlist dedicated to this genre. Indietronic is an evolution of your favorite producers.


2. Electronic Rap

We all know by now that rap and electronic music go hand in hand. After all, before we had thousands of dance music producers, we had thousands of rap producers. Somehow we forgot about our favorite mainstream music genre, but like a bad ex we always end up coming back to rap music. After all, one of the most popular dance genres today happens to be Trap music: the cool younger cousin of today’s rap. This really isn’t a new concept, but is rather a return to something we used to love, with the influence of EDM added into it. HARD Events leader Gary Richards has incorporated numerous rappers into his festivals in the last few years, and other music festivals that are beginning to look beyond the DJs have followed suit. Combine the vocal talents of rappers with the production talents of today’s producers, and you should be able to create some serious magic.


3. Alternative Dance Music

Perhaps the most alluring choice, this pathway combines the last two youth culture obsessions. A large portion of dance music’s market was previously into the screamo, punk rock scene from the last decade. After all, we’ll never forget that Skrillex was the vocalist of From First to Last. Alternative dance music is the love child of the hardcore kids and the kandi kids. The raw emotion from the emo kid days makes a comeback into new songs that have production styles from bass music DJs, in a verse, chorus, verse format. Heading this movement are Krewella and Grabbitz, both signed onto the popular Canadian label, Monstercat. 


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