Safe In Sound made its debut appearance in Buffalo last week in what ended up being one of the most talked about events of 2016. After the massive, 2,500 cap Buffalo River Works  was transformed in to the prime spot for a massive gathering of Bass music, fans from all across New York made the journey to the 716 for a lineup that couldn’t be topped. Headlined by Borgore, the Buygore Records boss was joined by heavyweights Snails, Dirtyphonics, and Terravita who rounded out a stellar lineup for the unbeatable price of less than $30. The latter, Terravita, were one of two artists (the other being Borgore) Dance and Rave sat down with for the evening and they help deliver our latest Artist Profile. Having been a blast to chat with, enjoy the discussion below which touches on new music, weird dressing rooms, the Harambe situation, and 2017. Enjoy!

TerravitaSo that was a fun set, what was the title of that last track?

Jon: Thank you, it’s called ‘Save Me’, and it’s a new collab with us and Adventure Club. 


You guys have had a pretty big year this year, mainly the Fallen EP..

Jon: It’s been a pretty decent year, pretty hectic. I still have not beaten Dark Souls 3 yet, so there’s things to do.


What was it like collabing with Bare and Riot Ten?

Jon: Bare, is just like a super close friend of ours and we’re always together anyways. So that was just kind of like, we’ve got a couple tunes with him we just finished, but that was just.. Easy. Like, you’re in the studio drinking anyways and you’re like let’s write a couple tunes… That was super, super easy. The Riot Ten Thing, Chris met up with him out at a club somewhere, we got along, he wanted to work on a track, so yeah fuck it. We just traded sounds back and forth until we were happy. 


So how is the change in terms of going with Buygore for this new EP going?

Jon: Labels are fun, the way things are kind of structured these days because it’s very much like you can do whatever you want. So if the music fits the label, the music fits the label. There’s no sour grapes. We’re still super clsoe with all the guys at Firepower, we’ll probably release again there some day, but yeah the stuff we’re working on now is far more fitted to Buygore and the guys at the label have been great with us and we’ve been having a real good time over there just kind of exploring shit we don’t normally get to do. We’ve been working with a lot of female vocals, doing some more melodic stuff. It’s good to get out of the box once in a while. 


Are you gonna be doing anything with Hot Pink Delorean?

Jon: No. I mean, you never know. I don’t want to put a nail in it forever, because who knows. But as of right now, there’s no plans for that. If we write some new House music we might put it out as Terravita, or something totally different. 


We’re sitting in a hockey locker room. Is this up there with weirdest dressing rooms you’ve had?

Jon: No. Not even close. One time they just set up a table for us by the deep fryer. That was in, I don’t even remember. The Seahawks locker rooms have been our dressing rooms before. I got lost in the facility and wound up on the field and there was nobody around, and I just kind of looked around like ‘I don’t think I belong here’, snapped a pic and f*ckin bounced. I like being out in the crowd, it gets boring back here. I don’t know what everyone thinks we’re doing back here but it’s generally just looking at our phones. 


Terravita at safe In Sound BuffaloHow was Dallas the other night?

Jon: Dallas was dope. Yeah, Dallas was a lot of fun. Um, it’s Stereo Live Dallas and it’s brand new. So it was the first time we got to play there, the sound was great and the venue was great. 


We’ve heard rumors about a possible LP for early next year?

Jon: Yes. That’s the plan. Who knows when it’ll be finished, you know, labor of love and all that.

Chris: May, or August, or sometime next year.

Jon: But we’ll be releasing up until then. Working on some remixes and tunes we’re gonna give away.


Can you tell us any remixes?

Jon: Working on a remix for Adventure Club. Whatever we feel like really. I’ll tell you what we won’t be remixing is ‘Panda’.


How did you feel about Harambe?

Jon: Um, my dick is currently out. It’s under the table so you can’t see it and that would also be slightly sexual assault, but yes dick currently out for Harambe

Chris: Your dick is out for a dead gorilla?

Jon: Get out.


Favorite dressing room snack?

Jon: Vodka. And veggies and hummus. Veggies and Hummus for sure. Gotta try and stay somewhat healthy. We like to keep it frisky back here, for when Snails invades the time. 


All in all, the dudes behind Terravita threw down a wicked set at Safe In Sound in Buffalo in late September and were an even better duo to sit down and chat with. Be sure to follow them on their social media pages and be on the lookout for some new music in the coming months including an Adventure Club Remix and an LP. In addition, be sure to hop over to the C.P. Abbott Photography Page for the entire photo album from the event. Enjoy!

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