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Right here, bass fans have a flip of a bootleg of an originally dubstep song by none other than Marssick. How did we get here? The original, “Get with the Programby Zomboy, off of his Neon Grave EP was #DUSTED by Buffalo’s own Dusty Bits. The Dusty Bits bootleg was then transformed by fellow Buffalo native Marssick to be even further crafted into another style of musicality we didn’t think was possible.

Starting off heavy AF, this flip of “Get with the Program,” doesn’t hold any strings back. Beginning in the hardest way possible, the main drop shows a great homage to the original Zomboy track with a bit less dubstep and a tad more trap. The vocals fit nicely with the catastrophic build, leading into something that you know is about to go off. When the drop hits, you’re met with clashes, broken beats, and insanity as you’re taken through a whirlwind of sounds.

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