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The bass gods just granted the bassheads their ultimate wish: new Excision music. The Canadian producer known for creating some of the heaviest dubstep in the game just unleashed his latest masterpiece, Virus, and man is it fantastic. Home to 16 new tracks, Virus is full of fresh, original Excision music with a little help from some of his favorite fellow producer friends.

How does Excision follow up his absolutely flawless 2015 album, Codename X? Take one look at the credits of Virus and you’ll see that he re-enlisted the collaborative talents of some of the same producers as Codename X, such as Space Laces, Messinian, and Dion Timmer. If you liked the hardcore track, “X Up,” perhaps you’ll like the new Messinian collab “Neck Brace.” If the ultimate rage tune “Push it Up” was more your style, perhaps you’ll enjoy “Throwin’ Elbows” that Space Laces co-produced. And if you really love Excision, then you’ll have to love Dion Timmer since he is featured on five of Virus’s tracks.

But let’s not give all the glory to his collaborators. There’s a reason why people automatically associate heavy dubstep music to Excision, and that his own skills. His new track “Rave Thing,” comes out blasting rock-inspired dubstep beats before it slows to emanate a serene post-apocalyptic vibe. His tune “Generator” is a polar opposite of the aforementioned track, taking on a much slower tempo and featuring rap verses.

To close out the album, you may have already heard a snippet of his little tune called “Harambe” in a Facebook video he posted last week. Dedicated to the late gorilla of Cincinnati (RIP), the drop of this track is absolutely massive, the perfect ode to Harambe.

To hear the full Virus album, follow Excision below!

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