Woodes EPAustralian based Singer/Songwriter Woodes announced the release of her highly anticipated debut EP. The EP boasts six stunning singles, all flashing the vocalist’s love for electronic beats to create the perfect soundscapes for capturing the essence of her lyrics and vocal talents. Woodes states the EP has been a work in progress for the last few years now and transformed as her production abilities sharpened and she collaborated with a variety of artists in the Australia area. Tracks such as ‘The Thaw’ and ‘Daggers & Knives’, both of which have received regular air play on Triple J Radio, make the cut alongside several other singles, both new and old.

The EP kicks off with one of Woodes’ latest singles, ‘Rise’. ‘Rise’ is a down tempo piece that accentuates her exceptional vocal work and boasts an atmospheric and somber melody.

‘The Thaw’ sees Woodes pick up the temple a bit, this time dialing in on some incredibly crafty guitar riffs to go along a bed of soothing synth lines. Smooth snare beats and a succulent bass line swirl in the background while the guitar riffs and vocals move in perfect harmony.

‘Poison’ follows ‘The Thaw’. dropping the tempo once again. Vocals echo in the background around her lyrics while Woodes crafts an ambient melody heavy in precision instrumental placement. The melody picks up a little bit during the bridge as a rapid snare/hi-hat rhythm drives the melody around her lyrics.

Fan favorite ‘Daggers & Knives’ begins with a dreamy melody and a strong vocal presence. Another rhythmic instrumental backs Woodes as her smooth lyrics encapsulate the listener, leaving them in a trance throughout the tracks duration. It’s pretty easy to see why this is one of her most successful releases to date.

Following things up is ‘Bonfire’. With a solid clap and a a booming kick, the lyrics once again wrap the listener up almost immediately. A distant guitar makes its presence known while a drawn out vocal looms in the background. Smooth drum pads rhythms swirl in the background, giving this one a bit of a tribal feel.

Finally, we have the track ‘Byron’, one of the EP’s new singles. Somber synth lines set the tone for this one as Woodes joins in with her softest vocal work of the EP. The track fills out with more synths and some vocal echoes in the background while effects like dripping water adds a realistic touch to the composition. All in all, Woodes has thoroughly impressed us with this release and we are looking forward to watching her grow as an artist.

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