W&W have been seated a top the main stage scene for several years now, locking down prime slots at some of the world’s largest festivals. The Mainstage Music label and radio shows have become staples within the Dance community as of late, providing an outlet for the freshest Big Room tunes around. Their latest track, which was first heard during Ultra Miami, has finally seen its release to an anxiously awaiting fan base. The track, ‘Caribbean Rave’, is a Tropical themed record aimed at drawing out summer just about as long as possible. Heavily dependent on a catchy Marimba melody, W&W deliver a succulent vocal bit as well while their synth lines creep in leading to the drop. The drop is pure Mainstage gold that accentuates the synth lines and drops in a fat sub kick in the background. This type of production is what we’ve come to expect from the duo, but the Tropical addition adds a nice flair to the single. Check it out!

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