Kill Paris - 'Junkie'Hopefully you all remember Kill Paris. Colorado based Corey Baker originally went by the moniker Kill Paris for well over a decade before changing it to Chill Harris following the attacks on Paris about a year ago. Baker’s latest single sees him return to the Kill Paris moniker, a move which he discusses in detail here, releasing ‘Junkie’ alongside talents Nevve and Monstre. Written about the spark and initial attraction that comes with falling in and out of love, Kill Paris stirs up a down tempo and atmospheric melody that is heavily focused on the track’s powerful vocal efforts. With a bassy breakdown and smooth percussive rhythms in the background, the ringing of an off beat guitar riff can be heard throughout the track’s duration as well. It looks like Kill Paris is ready to return to the spotlight with the name change and ‘Junkie’ makes a pretty big statement early on.

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