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The latest from our favorite Canadian indie label, Monstercat, is a four piece EP from the incredibly talented duo, Koven. Max Rowat and Katie Boyle first started the project at the end of 2011. With both members having had training in classical music theory, composing music came naturally to the two of them. Their first EP, Wake You Up, instantly sparked devotion from a new fan base as the tracks from it went on to gain support from huge shows such as Radio 1, XFM, and Ministry of Sound. With DJs of the likes of Borgore, Modestep, and Hadouken lining up to work with the duo, it was only fate that they found themselves perfectly placed in the middle of the world’s dubstep obsession.

Koven’s latest work of art, Come to Light EP, perfectly captivates the duo’s growth and maturity over the last five years. It all begins with, “Telling Me,” an inquisitive dubstep track lined with perfectly haunting vocals and slow rolling bass lines that capture the listener. Following it is the slightly calmer, “Breathing Me In,” again featuring strong vocals from Boyle and string pieces that sew the track together with accenting harmonies. The third tune, “Silence,” delves a little deeper into the pool of emotions that are released on Come To Light, complete with stunning bass and intricately places synths. Wrapping the EP up is “Everything,” which showcases their mid-tempo drum and bass skills complete with musically developed melodies and a storyline to punch.

Overall, this is an EP you don’t want to miss. Koven’s musical background gives Come to Light the substance that all great music comprises. You can listen to Come to Light on Spotify or Soundcloud, and you may purchase it on iTunes.

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