MasterclassBig news came from online education platform Masterclass as they announced their newest instructor to be one of Dance Music’s heavyweights in Deadmau5. The San Francisco based company got its start on the idea that everyone with internet access should be able to learn from the best in the world in any given field and thrives on that notion today. Already, the Masterclass roster includes artists such as Usher, Dustin Hoffman, Christina Aguilera, and Serena Williams, with Joel Zimmerman adding to the already impressive lineup.

Through the platform, the Masterclass instructors can create engaging online courses highlighted by assignments, engaging material, and Q&As that not only spur growth and learning, but also provide a friendly and positive learning environment. Classes can be bought individually starting at $90 and are well worth the investment, so we recommend checking out the website and registering yourself today!

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