OTO by Sonic GeometrySonic Geometry is making waves with their intuitive and futuristic controller. OTO is a new polyhedron midi controller that takes physical data from three different dimensions and translates them to sound and color. The controller measures movements in all directions with the assistance of a blue tooth device, quite literally allowing you to touch the shape of sound. With OTO, synths, sound effects, and even your favorite DAWs, such as Ableton and Traktor, can be controlled in just the palm of your hand. Each controller will ship with a suite package that includes standalone synths and DAW controllers, allowing just about anyone to get started with ease.

This product is interesting for a variety of reasons. First of all, the virtual reality aspect is always appealing these days. As companies race to really lock down the first quality virtual reality component, OTO looks like it could not only be that group, but use the technology in an educational manner as well. The educational aspects of this tool are intriguing as well as they serve as a visio-spacial outlet to traditional ‘mixing’ and ‘beat-making’. Not to mention, these things just look downright fun to mess around with. You don’t even have to be a DJ or a producer to get hooked on this, allowing for the potential to serve as an introductory tool to producing and DJing for the younger generations of kids. There’s only a few days left in Sonic Geometry’s kick starter, so be sure to head to the page posted below and help bring OTO to life today!

Kickstarter Link | Website

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