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Something about Australians has us totally hooked on their producing styles. The latest from down-under comes from Aussie duo Chez Moon. The two artists have a quirky, yet inquisitive style with their music, using dreamlike synths and smooth percussion to create serene sounds. The pair themselves met in a bar in Adelaide and decided to create music together. Of the two members, Korin Ladke is a master at piano and drums, while his partner Nah Man is skilled in writing melodies. Together, the two are the definition of Chez Moon.

Their latest song “Games” is a wonderfully serene tune, beginning with a xylophone melody, calming synth chords, and a heavenly vocal ringing in. The off-beat triplets leading into the main body of the tune are like a bridge to the rest of the song, beaming in perfectly as the calm nature of the vocalist takes us on a happy journey through the 3 minute and 15 second track. Ultimately this track can’t help but put you into a better mood than you were in before listening to Chez Moon.

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