LA based artist Le Youth (Wes James) is bringing up waves in the world of chill EDM. The producer has just finished a 13 city tour of North America that included stops in Mexico, Texas, and New York. On top of that, Le Youth has been on top of the Sirius XM’s Chill playlist at the number one spot with his previous track “Me Without You.”

The mood of his latest single, “If You’re Leaving,” is whimsical with a hint of an upbeat lounge feel. Vocalist Sydnie‘s voice is crisp to the ears, but flows smoothly like butter taking you on the journey through the track. Smooth piano riffs and an enchanting back beat keep this song’s heart beating and the listener calm. Playful and peaceful, “If You’re Leaving,” is a great wind down track.

Le Youth’s upcoming shows are in Sacramento on New Year’s Eve, and a slot at Hangout Music Festival in Alabama.

Le Youth on Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Soundlcoud

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