Markus Schulz Presents DakotaHuge. Simply put, this is huge news for Trance fans. Markus Schulz is widely regarded as one of the top name’s in Trance music for well over a decade now and it may not be his productions as Markus Schulz that have gained him the most respect. As most of Schulz Army will tell you, there is a side project known as Dakota that Markus Schulz uses to conjure up some of the deepest, darkest Progressive Trance beats we have seen to date. It is Dakota that has provided some of the most polished releases on the Schulz discography, Dakota that has spurned some of the most memorable moments down the rabbit hole, and Dakota fans have been itching for a return from.

The wait is finally over. Markus Schulz will debut what is being called The Nine Skies at some point in early 2017, the third installment which started with Thoughts Become Things in 2009 and Thoughts Become Things II in 2011. While the majority of the details have yet to be released, what we do know is that the first single will be debuted at his OTC set on New Years Eve at Avalon in Hollywood. In addition, a select few cities will be chosen to host a spring tour that will incorporate music, art, and performance. With more to follow, be sure to hit Markus on all of his social media profiles below to catch any and all relevant news.

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