The latest release on Dyro’s rapidly growing WOLV imprint comes to you from India via rising artist Teri Miko. The self-described nerd and bully has taken the Bass music scene by storm and upon listening to her latest release, it is easy to see why. ‘Fukuyo’ found its home on the WOLV label after Miko dropped it in an opening set for Dyro back in India. Her productions draw from her earliest influences of hip-hop and scratching while her discovery of Trap and Bass helped her bring her sound to the next level, which is what you’re hearing today.

‘Fukoyo’ is dark and nitty gritty and even a little bit exotic. With a rhythmic Bass House feel that is blended with new age Trap influences and ethnic horn melodies, it isn’t until the drop that Teri Miko comes out in full force. There she picks you up with heavy Bass grooves before slamming you back down with a plethora of snares and wubs, all balanced with some over the top synth lines. If you are unfamiliar with Teri Miko, we highly recommend checking the talented artist out.

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