Nora En Pure PressNora En Pure has not only been a Dance and Rave favorite since we first discovered her several years ago, but has spent those years winning over the hearts of just about anyone she crosses paths with. Leading the Enormous Tunes charge, Nora has brought her uniquely soothing blend of Indie, House, and Disco elements to audiences across the globe, playing major festivals while headlining her own tours. This year saw collaborations with acts like Redondo and a string of quality releases leading up to her year end Tell My Heart Tour and single alongside a release in mid December titled Diving With Whales’. Immediately following the start of the Tell My Heart Tour, we had the chance to sit down with Nora En Pure in a conversation that covers production, free time, and hobbies that we are pleased to finally share with you all. Kick on some tunes, enjoy the interview, and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! How have the first few spots on the tour been so far?

The Australian leg of the tour was insane! Despite it being so far away, it’s one of my favorite places to play, as the people that come to the shows have a huge amount of energy and seem to really follow my music. 


Nora En Pure Press 2Is there a city on the schedule you’re most excited to visit?

Some of the places I looked most forward to were Melbourne, New York,  San Diego, Los Angeles, Johannesburg & Cape Town and the famous Green Valley Club in Brazil on New Years eve.


How did the vocals to ‘Tell My Heart’ come about? Do you prefer it over ‘Lake Arrowhead’?

Well, Dani Senior has a stunning voice and I think that the success of ‘Lake Arrowhead’ inspired us to release a vocal version, for people to enjoy the track in a different way. I don’t think you can compare them, but of course ‘Lake Arrowhead’ is a very personal work of mine, and I love it with or without the vocals.


If you had to choose three essential items to bring with you on tour what would they be and why?

A comfortable pair of small headphones for the plane – to listen to music and also block out other sounds that may be annoying ;), a scarf that I occasionally use as a blanket, and a portable charger, because by this point we all know it’s a necessity!


What kind of musical background did you have growing up? Were there any major musical influences when you were younger?

I have always had a big passion for music and growing up we played instruments in our free time. We listened to all sorts of music at home, ranging from classical to rock. It was when I met some friends that had their own studio that I realized how amazing and free you can be with electronic music. They introduced me to it and I got hooked!


Nora En Pure Press 3My first time listening to your music was a track called ‘Lost In Time’, which is a very emotive piece,  what’s the story/meaning behind that one?

Lost in time is a classical indie dance track with a bouncy baseline but dreamy strings and a soft vocal. This combination makes it quite a light and blissful piece and expresses summer feelings.


When you’re not touring, what do you like to do in your down time? What’s your ideal day off consist of?

My perfect day would be spending time with my loved ones, basically just chilling and having a good time with them. One of the hardest adjustments to the touring life is missing out on important family events, and it really makes it so special when you can all be back together. 


Are you an animal person? Any pets? 

Absolutely. I love all kinds of animals! I have a little Jack Russell at home, who is so very cute!


What does it mean to be a ‘Helvetic Nerd’?

We are like a family, a bunch of DJs and producers from different genres but mostly based in Switzerland. We all work on the same labels and try to carry out our typical sound as a brand.


Nora En Pure Press 4What’s a day in the studio typically like? Favorite snacks?

I go through drafts and ideas that i might have put down during touring or look for inspiration sometimes in movie soundtracks or similar. Sometimes i start with a break sometimes with the beat. Usually i end up with a 40 seconds loop and figure then out if this is something nice or useless.

I love all kind of snacks during the process, i usually start from salty to sweet and back and then i don’t feel to good for some time 😉 


Do you have any big plans for New Years/Early 2017 outside of playing in Brazil?

After Brazil I will be mostly at home in January and catch up with pushed back work and will also rest a little from all the flying and jetlag! 


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