This week’s Artist Profile from Dance and Rave features burgeoning duo EC Twins. We had a chance to chat with the LA based DJ/production duo after the holiday, immediately following the release of their latest single ‘Revolution’, which featured Gourdan Banks. The single was the EC Twins first release on one of the world’s largest labels, Sony Music, and represents perhaps the largest milestone in their careers to date. As 2016 drew to an end, we decided to see how the duo felt about this year’s work, how they got to the point they’re at today, and what they have planned for the new year. Check out their newest single at the bottom of the post and enjoy the interview. Cheers!


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Did you guys have a good holiday?

 Still eating. Probably gained 20lbs each so yeah , it was a good one!


Can you tell us a little bit about growing up in Scotland, and the eventual successes of Eye Candy?

We were actually born in Manchester, England. It was a very tough city, in much the same way as Detroit is today. We were raised by our father, who worked in factories and industries that were constantly being shut down. We got sick of all the violence, took a break between High School and College to visit Edinburgh, Scotland and never went back home. We practically lived in Nightclubs, in Edinburgh, because we were broke, working in Burger King and living in some really dodgy locations. We started promoting parties and then throwing our own parties and they started to do well. At some point, a club owner in Edinburgh offered us the lease of a run down club. It was full of football hooligans, notorious for fights and the smell of piss from the Bathroom reached the dance floor. We were just a couple of poor kids and didn’t have any money to invest, so in order to overpower a venue with a pretty shitty reputation, we called the club EYE CANDY, imposed strict dress codes and informed all the football Hooligans that it was now a gay friendly club. Within 2 weeks there were lines around the block and everyone in the City was eager to get in to our parties. 

EC Twins Press 

Did you guys ever toy with the thought of another moniker, or did EC Twins just kind of stick?

Honestly, we came back to LA years later to try and get involved in the industry here. By the time we’d cleared up all our immigration issues, paid all the lawyers, found a place to live, bought a car and spent a couple of years traveling back and forth every three months, we ended up penniless. We figured we’d throw our own parties and we had to DJ them ourselves, because we had no money for talent. The name “EC Twins” was the only moniker that existed anywhere, even though we hadn’t predominantly been DJ’s at that point, just renowned club promoters. We needed some form of mystery and momentum from somewhere, so we just used that name and marketed that as though we were a big European act. After that everything happened really quickly and the name stuck.


What was it like for you guys when you first came to the United States? When did you feel like you got your first big break?

It was fucking brutal, being honest. Our modest savings went really quickly and we had to sell our homes we’d bought in the UK. The electronic music scene in LA barely had a pulse and all our friends that came here, from Europe, advised us not to bother. We risked everything and ended up losing it all over a couple of really rough years. One day we walked in to a local Hollywood nightclub and counted 15 people in and out the door all night. We were living in our car at that point and doing odd jobs for money to eat, so we had very little to lose. We asked the club owners if they’d let us have a go at filling the place and they decided to give it a try. We remember the club owner telling us that no one was going to be at our first night, but 1500 people showed up to a 150 person capacity venue that evening. We guess people really wanted a change right then.


I also wanted to congratulate the both of you on signing with Sony Music, that must be an incredible feeling.

It’s taken so long and been so hard we have taken more rejection than anybody we have ever met, so every achievement is just a feeling of overwhelming relief at this point. It’s less euphoria and more a feeling of “job done” but we try to remind ourselves that such things are big goals of ours and to take a moment to be happy about it. It’s been very cathartic, if anything.


You guys have residencies at numerous clubs across Chicago, Miami, NYC, and Vegas, is there a favorite spot to play?

All of them.., our residencies in particular, because we get the opportunity to build a relationship with the fans, like an extended family and that can be a very special feeling. You have to remember we sacrificed everything to be able to do this job. It’s our passion, our hobby, our career and the crowd is the only family we have now.


Your latest release, ‘Revolution’, is a great piece of music. What was the creative process like and how was it working with Guordan Banks?

Thanks, that really means a lot to us. The track was inspired by listening to Bernie Sanders, but ironically the message has become even more poignant today. We’d reached out to Guordan and agreed that if he sang Revolution for us, we’d do the Remix for “Keep You In Mind” and that was the deal. We sent him the lyrics and within an hour, he had the vocals back to us. We spent an intense 24 hours in the studio. By the same time the next day, we had “Revolution” finished and the “Keep You In Mind” remix done. We are really proud of both of those tracks. That was a great day!


What kinds of things do you guys hope to accomplish in 2017?

First and foremost we will make sure we have a fucking great time, as life isn’t a dress rehearsal. We want to write & produce hits, continue to tour the globe with our shows, win awards, collab with other artists, create a mind blowing live show, write soundtracks, break records, create provocative music, develop other branches of our brand. We have so many dreams and goals it will be hard to keep up but you are all invited to come along for the ride.


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